Fear and Yankee Paranoia for China


Clean Energy Collaborative Signature Barack Obama And Chinese leader Hu Jintao He helped lay the groundwork for the Paris Agreement (although it later failed).

For this reason, America fears obtaining a military and security advantage unless the United States takes decisive steps to cut off cooperation in scientific research.

“The United States is waking up to the fact that the open system that we commend and consider one of our main strengths also potentially creates a decent vulnerability for us,” Explained to WSJ Emily Weinstein From the Center on Security and Emerging Technology, a think tank at Georgetown University.

In this sense, the actor Mike Gallagher, Chairman of a congressional select committee on China, he’s leading a campaign to let it expire this month. The same Anthony Blinken He argued that the United States is aiding China’s military modernization through the deal in a letter: “America must stop fueling its own destruction.”

No US official has justified the intention to cut scientific ties with China because of the secrecy it maintained during the Covid-19 pandemic. That would have been a better argument; The mechanical and tedious rhetoric of lawmakers may be enough for some.

It backfires

However, politicians know little or nothing about the scientific world, and sometimes they take the most stupid measures in the name of national sovereignty; Decisions that, ironically, can damage the country itself.

Several scholars admitted to the American newspaper their anger and unease with the Yankee nationalist stance. Many have said that the United States is more dependent on China than China is on the United States in some strategic areas such as biotechnology, clean energy, and communications. If ties are severed, the United States risks slowing American progress on these vital matters for humanity.

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Dozens of scientists he interviewed the magazine , He praised the cooperation with China and They described everything the United States could lose: Chinese labs that provide a wealth of useful resources, including large teams of graduate students, huge and often unique data sets, state-of-the-art equipment and some of the most innovative ideas and approaches to scientific problems.

They also highlighted the fruits of the scientific link between the two forces. The clean energy cooperative was signed in 2011 by the then president Barack Obama And Chinese leader Hu Jintao This launched the US-China climate cooperation that helped lay the groundwork for the Paris Agreement.

The Wall Street Journal cited another as well: “US and Chinese ASEAN scientists have developed a better understanding of how to improve the quality and safety of lithium-ion batteries.”

Screenshot (416).png

China has surpassed the United States in terms of quantity and quality of scientific papers. Image source: Wall Street Journal.

Shea, professor of medicine at the University of California, He claimed that he was forced to stop his research on birth defects because he did not know how to handle embryonic stem cells, as far as China knows. He left a clear message for world leaders who put national myths and privileged traits ahead of human prosperity.

“In science, we try to find the truth in nature for everyone, not for any country or any power.”

Knowledge of microscopic nanoparticles that can harm the human body, technologies for eliminating birth defects, sports tools and Asian scholarships in this field, vital strategies to combat climate change and fruitful ideas:

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All this and more is what the United States will lose if it is influenced by its chauvinism. It would harm human progress with the voluntary stagnation of science.

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