Part of Parque España collapsed again and the theater was closed

There were sinkholes and landslides from the valley and the Principe de Asturias Theater was left without an emergency exit, which is why the Gerontology Congress was changed.

A new landslide, centimeters from the coastal entrance to the Parque de España cultural complex, has closed the theater operating there and suspended some activities.s. The new sewers left the cultural space without an emergency exit, which made it necessary to change the location of the gerontology conference that was to be held there.

As a result of the landslides that occurred in the narrow valley, the entrance to the theater was closed, but the rest of the galleries and tunnels where a large cultural agenda is organized usually continue with their ongoing programs. And so it will be over the coming weekend, as determined to La Capital by sources linked to the organization. What was determined prior to a report by hygiene and safety experts was a precautionary hold due to the displacement of some marble slabs in the coastal access area to the theatre.

The gerontology conference which was to take place there was expected to be attended by about 500 people, many of whom had a weakness of movement, which made it necessary to change venues.

AndAnd it is that upon entering the theater it began to be noticed that the marble tiles on the staircase saw cracks as if they were fading away, so the place was closed. Thus, the Príncipe de Asturias Theater was left without an emergency exit, because previously and due to the former sewer holes, the back part of the access to the cultural space was used as a public entrance.

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According to spokesmen for the cultural center, the municipality’s public works report indicates that the structure of the hall is sound, and what happened is that the precautionary and security conditions around it were lost in order for it to have an audience in the place.

Despite the fact that entry and exit trading has reversed, there is no alternative now. In the meantime, the Cultural Center continues its normal work and endeavors to avoid new programs in the theatre.

The municipal authorities agreed to suspend programming in the theater until the municipality itself issues new reports and with new analyzes the conditions for the rehabilitation of the venue are met. Another option is to find a temporary emergency exit that can achieve the security conditions to allow the public to enter the venue.

The General Coordinator of the Council of Ministers, Rogelio Piazzi, indicated that the municipal intervention took place immediately and in a preventive nature, and for security reasons it was decided to stop the activities in the theater as a precaution.

Who couldn’t hide his annoyance at the news, it was Institutional Relations Coordinator of the Parque de España Complex, Gerardo Hernandez Ilanes. “Nearly two years after the collapse of the square in front of the Parque España Theater and despite the municipality’s compliance with the preparation of bid documents, the work continues without progress due to the lack of an invitation to bid by the National. Government We are currently conducting studies to be able to use the theater by rearranging the exits Emergency. The largest Spanish investment in America in the cultural, educational and scientific field and its impact on the urban transformation of the city is not worthy of this present.” He said to the capital.

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