By mistake, they transferred more than a million dollars to him and he does not want to return it: he is imprisoned

I received a woman An amount close to one million dollars In your bank account by mistake, in a city New OrleansHe refused to take them back. And therefore, He was arrested after being charged with theft and illegal transfer of funds monetary.

that happens Clin Spadoni, The person who participated in this 33-year-old story, was the recipient of the amount derived from it Administrative error From a financial services company called Charles SchwabThat was born Income of $ 1.2 million In his bank account in February, when in reality it should have been only $ 82.

The financial institution demanded that the money be returned, aware of what happened, however Your request has been rejected Because (Attention) The money is no longer in the woman’s bank account. So the police launched an investigation to find out the fate of the whistleblower.

Jason RivardThe officer in charge of the investigation stated in a statement that “This is not your money”. The investigator explained, “It has no legal rights, even if it was placed there by mistake.”

For her part, the woman announced this in interviews and in front of the police You don’t want to return the money, Which the bank filed a lawsuit against.

Thus, under the gaze of American justice, Spadoni was arrested for theft and bail was set at $ 50,000.. Right now, the police I got around 75% of the total amountThe defendant spent the remainder on luxury items such as sports cars, jewelry, and household items.

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