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United States: Videos show how a tornado hits a train on its way in Nebraska

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hurricanes in United State They are frequent and cause significant damage in their wake, as happened in an industrial warehouse nebraska And houses in Oklahoma Which was destroyed after the natural phenomenon passed. but, In a recently released video, you can see how a tornado hits a train in Omaha, nebraska“We are in a state of emergency.”

Some video clips were spread across social media showing how the hurricane destroyed an industrial warehouse in Lincoln, in addition to the hurricane uprooting trees and displacing vehicles in its path several meters.

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Meanwhile, another tornado destroyed homes, forced the evacuation of a nursing home, and downed trees and power lines as it passed through a small town in Oklahoma.

It should be noted that this was not the only one Tornadoes This has been reported since the National Weather Service (NWS) Storm Prediction Center. It cited 17 tornado reports from the night of Monday, May 6 through the early hours of Tuesday in the central United States.

According to the agency, these are the recorded hurricanes:

  • There were 8 tornadoes in Oklahoma
  • 2 in Kansas
  • 2 in South Dakota
  • 2 in Iowa
  • 1 in Nebraska
  • 1 in Missouri
  • 1 in Tennessee

There’s someone dead

At least one person died in United State Due to tornadoes that struck northeastern Oklahoma. This was announced by the Sheriff’s Office in Osage County, about 235 kilometers northeast of Oklahoma City, which One Barnsdale resident was reported dead, several people were injured and dozens of buildings were damaged.

He added: “It is a small city and it practically passed through the center.”

In addition, the hurricane affected a nursing home in that town with a population of about a thousand people and patients were transferred to a shelter. The Craig County Emergency Management Agency also reported damage to five homes in Welch and a school gym, while Craig County reported damage to five homes in Welch and a school gym. Kingfisher Damage was recorded to the roof of a house in Lassie And in stable in Hennessy.

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For its part, the National Weather Service warned of an increased risk of strong storms on Tuesday in various parts of the Ohio River Valley and on Wednesday in the southern Plains, the Mississippi Valley, the Ohio Valley and Tennessee.


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