Overwatch 2 will soon be closing a closed beta on PC and promises better communication with players

In addition, Blizzard promises to release frequent updates for all types of content.

after a lot of silence And the delay Which saddened a lot of his community, players were waiting for any new information regarding Monitor 2. Luckily, Blizzard I just posted data regarding the development of the hero shooter game and everything seems to be going from strength to strength, as they announced plans to test the PvP system first. closed beta.

Blizzard will be holding a closed beta with PC gamers around the world in AprilOverwatch 2 will have the first test reserved only for Blizzard staff and professional players, which will be done this week. However, it also provides a pleasant surprise to the whole community: we will be able to participate in a closed beta that will take place in April. The company dropped that novelty in the latest Overwatch 2 video, where the game’s director, Aaron Keeler, briefs us on the evolution of the title.

No exact dates have been set for this closed beta, so we will continue to monitor the news posted by Blizzard. If you want to participate in these tests via PCKeep in mind that the company has already opened a file web page to register us. In addition, they promise to implement it More betas throughout the yearwith unpublished content in each of them, and will ensure that communication is more fluid from now on.

This way, Blizzard He kept his last promise And he gave us a good reason for it Follow closely The news regarding Overwatch 2. After all, there have been so many concerns about the development of the game that the situation in Activision Blizzard has led to Overwatch Executive Producer Leaves.

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