WhatsApp launches the function of sending images in the original quality

Attachments that can be sent via WhatsApp may be up to 2GB in size. (photo: iProfessional)

New update for WhatsApp Users will be allowed to send Photographs in their original quality regardless of whether they are in high definition or not, so that these files can be transferred between them Devices Without being compressed, as usually happens with the pictures And Videos that are sent as Messages.

Even if the improvement in shipping allowed such facilities, it does not mean that there were none picture can be sent.

The maximum file size of this type is 2 GBwhile the original limit is 16 MB It reflects the huge difference between the data that is transferred between one option and another.

Also, this feature does not work in a similar way to sending photos directly from the device’s camera because instead of going through the “attach” which contains a paper clip icon, then press the option “Gallery“, users should use the option”documents“.

Go to the “Choose from Gallery” button, which will give you access to photo reel From the cell phone, which will be divided into albums and from which it is possible to select the appropriate file to send Information.

These steps will also be used to send files in file format. video.

WhatsApp will allow sending files with a maximum size of 2GB. (wabeta info)

After selecting which photos or videos will be eligible to keep QualityIn addition to its additional specifications such as its size, the system itself will tell the user what to do in order for the file to be sent in the original quality format.

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For now, this to update It is in the process of launching to more people who have access to the beta version of the platform, but as the days and weeks go by it will be possible to see it in the full version of the platform as with other functions it has also announced WhatsApp In recent weeks like the ability to turn off video messages.

To determine if users have access to this feature, they must perform the steps described above. If this is not possible, there are two possibilities: Users are still not updating the file to request to its latest version or this feature has not yet reached the latest version region or the country of the user

Attachments that can be sent via message on WhatsApp. (Yasser)

Either way, it is possible to check if you have the new feature by searching for the app’s name in App Store also Google Play Store.

If at the time of writingWhatsApp“In the search engine, a button appears called”to updateDownload and open the program again.

If this is not enough for the function to appear in the application system, it means that it has not yet arrived in the user’s country or region, which will be resolved over time because with the future Updates It may already exist and be activated where appropriate.

Another function of the application Messenger service What can already be tested if the most complete version of the platform is downloaded is the ability to disable recording and sending video messages through a special menu in session.

WhatsApp will allow you to deactivate the video messaging function. (wabeta info)

The update, which is already being gradually rolled out to different regions and countries around the world, will enable a special option in “chatsfrom the Settings menu of the app called “Instant Video Messages.” When left disabled, the button Audio recording It will not switch to video mode anymore.

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