Overwatch 2 introduces its roadmap, with new heroes, seasons and game modes for the hero shooter

Additionally, the title promises PvE experiences aimed at expanding the franchise’s tradition.

Fans of this type of hero shooter games are interested in all the news of Monitor 2because the title is already dated Released in early access He announced, unexpectedly, his transformation into Free to play. Blizzard He didn’t provide many details other than this data, which is why he was prepared Event To reveal everything they prepare for this second installment.

The launch of the game will be accompanied by new heroes, maps and an unprecedented game modeNot surprisingly, much of the presentation focused on upcoming changes to the Overwatch 2 experience, including a Reimagining PvP, new seasons every 9 weeks, unreleased heroes, and cross-evolution. As an additional fact, Blizzard also confirmed PvE Experiences which will be detailed later.

The team builds on Overwatch 2’s success on the strength of its roadmap, which was also shown at the event. According to Blizzard’s plans, the launch of the game will accompany 3 new heroeswhich we already know the Junker Queen, 6 maps Unpublished cosmetics and game mode called Pay. As we’ve seen in other titles of this type, this mode will consist of pushing a block to a specific point, which will provide points for our team, while preventing the enemy from achieving the same goal.

PvE experiences will debut in 2023And what is Overwatch preparing for the future? Blizzard is already anticipating a date for Season 2, which will fall 6th of December. This will bring unreleased content into the game, which, as you can see in the image listed above, consists of a character who will act as a tank, another map, and among the additional skins, the first Battle Pass will be offered. In this sense, the developers have already commented that the free-to-play nature of the game makes the game focus on the loot chests and battle pass mentioned above.

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Opposite 2023, the authors plan to release more seasons after their 9-week model. In this way, we will have the opportunity to play with more heroes on a larger number of maps. In addition, other game modes will be added and the PvE experience will begin, although it is not realized, it is a promise Expanding the Tradition of Watching with different ideas.

Besides every detail of the game, Blizzard also wanted to raise players’ expectations about the aforementioned. Junker Queen With a short animated film that reflects the ferocity of this heroine. After that, the developers commented on some of the abilities of this character, giving all these interpretations brutally. play scenesThey made an action packed movie.

Junker Queen will be one of the playable characters in Next beta versionwhich already contains a history of users Computers and consoles Try the Overwatch 2 experience. Of course, the title impressed fans of the genre with its Xbox and Bethesda Showcase trailer, and we’ve already rounded up All the news that points to an exciting future for delivery.

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