The surprising discovery of perseverance on Mars | “Something no one’s ever seen”

NASA released images sent by the explorer from Mars on Wednesday determination. Most noticeable is how a rock was dug out of the surface of Mars. Perseverance used a tool from one limb to shrink the stone and discover what’s inside, “something no one has seen before,” according to the US space agency.

The photo was taken earlier this year at Jezero crater and it has barely been released This led to comments on the networks that led to NASA offering an explanation. The explorer eroded the stone and took a picture to show the materials inside the rock: Its composition remains unknown, but it is believed to be a granular sediment.

Another photo released by NASA.

“Looking inside to spot something no one had seen before. I eroded a small part of this rock to remove the top layer and see what’s underneath. Focus on my next goal to sample Mars.”The NASA team wrote on the bot’s Twitter account, through which the images began to spread. Perseverance ceased its functions in October due to a solar conjunction, where the sun intersects between Earth and Mars. After this phenomenon, he devoted himself to the investigation of rock formations of interest to scientists observing the explorer.

In fact, one of the main objectives of the rover is to collect dirt and stones, with the aim of storing them so that they can be transported to Earth in future missions for analysis. The idea is to try to find traces of microbial life that may have existed 3 billion years ago..

In addition, Perseverance collects samples of dust and rock fragments on the surface of Mars to obtain data on the climatic conditions of the Red Planet and Thus it has the elements to govern the ultimate human exploration of this planet.

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In April of this year, a photo of the rover caused a surprise, as a rainbow was seen on the floor of the planet Mars. Finally, he learned that it was the result of the effect of the viewfinder.

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