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Russia today announced its decision not to submit any films for competition in Oscar Because of the current tension with the West over the Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

This was decided by the presidency of the Russian Film Academy after Nikita Megalkov, one of the most famous Russian directors, recently asserted that the competition for the statuette would be “unnatural”.

last year Russia submitted a nomination for “Undo the Fist” for the Best Foreign Film award from the Hollywood Academybut the film directed by Kira Kovalenko did not cut.

“Today, coming under fire from American missiles (in reference to the HIMARS attacks in Donbass, Ukraine) and traveling to Los Angeles to show up would be unnatural,” Mikhalkov said during the opening of the Moscow International Film Festival.

Megalkov, who was nominated three times for an Academy Award and won an award in 1995 for Burnt by the Sun, said that if a Russian film was presented for this award, he would appreciate it. “People who a priori think we are their enemies.”

In addition, he called for censorship of Russian actors and directors who went into exile and criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin from abroad for his “special military operation”.

Russia recently blacklisted American actors Sean Penn and Ben Stiller for visiting Ukraine and meeting its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, who was an actor by profession before turning to politics and winning the 2019 election.

With information from EFE

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