Inaes, Fontar and Ciencia y Tecnología launched a range of support for cooperatives, through ANR

September 26, 2022, Kappa (Ansol). –National Institute of Interdependence and Social Economy (Enais), the Argentine Technology Fund (Fontar) and the Ministry science, technology and innovation Officially launched a support line for workers’ cooperatives, through non-refundable contributions (NRA), in order to promote technological development in social economy enterprises.

The show was presented in the hall Cultural Science Center It was headed by director Alexandre Prembas. “The primary goal is to find solutions for cooperatives and to focus on links with scientific and technological institutions. There will be two ways and both will be accompanied by INAES ».

“Mode 1 will be directed through INAES, while Mode 2 will be implemented through the Ministry of Science and Technology.” As for the way the institute runs, “the amounts will be up to 15 million pesos and up to 70% of the total project will be funded.”

For his part, the program coordinator of the Social Actors Demand Council at the Ministry of Science and Technology, Patricia Hopenoted: “If we have learned anything, it is that the development of the technology sector should be promoted and the development of cooperatives should be encouraged.”

To know more details of the two methods of ANR, Go to the official website.

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