Only 4% of iPhones have an iOS version older than 2 years

Most Apple phones are updated to the latest version of iOS. Only 4% have a version earlier than iOS 15.

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Apple made it clear again iOS outperforms Android In what No fragmentation in the ecosystem. The company disclosed this 81% of iPhones launched in the last four years are already in use iOS 16the latest version of your mobile operating system.

He did it through Developer support pagewhere in addition, the Cupertino company confirmed it Only 4% of iPhones Worldwide OS version earlier than iOS 15.

for his part, Android 13the version released in August last year (shortly before the arrival of iOS 16), It is only present in 5% of Android devices. While this is true The comparison is not entirely correctsince Google does not fully control the roll-out of new versions of Android across the full suite of products from various manufacturers.

72% of iPhones around the world already have iOS 16 installed

According to the data shared by Apple, 8 out of 10 iPhones have been released since 2019 They already have the latest version of iOS. Moreover, only 15% have iOS 16 installed.

counting Of all active iPhones in the world, 72% are already running the latest version of iOSWhile 20% have iOS 15 and only 8% are using an earlier version.

Things change when we talk about the iPad: just a 53% of Apple’s tablets have been sold in the past four years They use iPadOS 16, the latest version of the company’s iOS operating system. The percentage of iPads released since 2019 with iOS 15 is 39%And the remaining 8% have a previous copy.

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If all active iPads are taken into account, iPadOS 16 tablets are down 50%bringing the number of iPads running iPadOS to 15 37%. The remaining 13% have a version prior to iPadOS 15.

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