Scaloni referred to Messi and Di Maria’s chances of reaching the next World Cup finals and described Lautaro Martinez as his “favorite striker”.

While waiting to sign his continuation in the Argentine national team, Lionel Scaloni Seeks to add new distinction in awards The bestwhich he was a finalist with Pep Guardiola And Carlo Ancelotti Best coach this season. The world champion was present in Italy, where he was gold plate That was left in the hands of Milan coach Stefano Pioli, and he was hoping to get the chance to do so Lionel Messi I can play World Cup 2026.

The man born in Bugato was the guest of honor in Coverciano (north of Florence) and, having received a special mention, spoke of the captain of the Albiceleste. “Having a player like Messi was, and still is, an advantage. As a former teammate, his coaching is beautiful, and seeing how other players look at him and follow him, he’s the best,” he praised. “Being in the next World Cup will be Leo’s decision. If the body can handle it, he will be there for me.”about the chance of continuity flea. The Paris Saint-Germain star stated that he saw difficulty in getting to the appointment in Canada, the United States and Mexico, because he would do the trick. 39 years old.

Scaloni also gave his view on the other members of the Qatar 2022 champion team who play in Serie A and distributed flowers to them. Angel Di Maria And Lautaro Martinez. on the pastawho announced that his next target would be the Copa America because he would not reach the 2026 World Cup, the coach assumed that He will play until his body says yes. And if so, it will always be called. “He’s a champion, we’ve all seen what he can do. Allegri – his coach at Juventus – knows very well what player he has, and he has to manage him as well as he does. He’s a footballer.” Need respect To be able to express yourself to the fullest. We are talking about a world class player. He’s a footballer, like Messi, he’ll stay with time.”.

Meanwhile, on bullwhich he took out after the group stage match against Mexico to make room for him Julian Alvarez In the first team, he indicated that he was his favorite striker. “It has always been essential to me, I also like him very much as a person and He has always been my favorite striker. He got to the World Cup with some (physical) problems, but he was there when we needed him, scoring the goal against Holland and giving us more. He’s a player we love and now he’s taken over at Inter. Now he is also the captain of the team, has taken charge of the team and knows he is in a big club. I’m happy because for me he’s a good player,” he said of the guy from Bahia.

Lionel Scaloni gives directions to Lautaro Martinez during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and the coach calls him his favorite striker (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

Another of the definitions left by the leader stunned was targeting Giovanni Simeoneone of the leading figures in Naples and is on the radar for future calls. “He was always on our listWhat happens is that Argentina has a lot of strikers, but I respect them Colito He was left out of the 26 players who made the list, even when he was mentioned as an alternative option Nicholas Gonzalez, dropped at the last minute due to injury. “It was difficult for him, but also for us we couldn’t count on him because when he is at 100% he is a player who always makes the difference,” the Fiorentina striker appraised.

Finally, as a former footballer of Lazio and Atalanta, Scaloni wished the two teams to qualify for the European Cups at the end of the season, in a battle that Milan and Roma are also fighting fiercely. “I hope both of them can reach their goal, I love both of them: Lazio with Sarri and Atalanta with Gasperini each have their own idea of ​​the game,” he concluded.

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