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the alternative Omicron It is advanced all over the world and has put many health systems of the world under surveillance. This led the authorities to take various measures to prevent its spread, but it is still unknown to many specialists. In this sense, A report confirmed that carriers of this new strain of SARS-CoV-2 showed unusual symptoms at night. It differs from other variables.

Ago World Health Organization (WHO) announced Omicron how ‘The worrying alternative’, A few weeks ago, efforts were redoubled to determine what the situation was against this strain of coronavirus. Mainly to be able to determine whether or not the vaccines available today are effective.

In this context, new details about the variant became known Omicron. One of them is that Those who have had it suffer from unusual night sweats. This night sweats is so intense that the bed and even the sheets of the patient wake up.

alternative Omicron It has been discovered in many countries and health systems have been alerted to it to try to determine its properties and the efficacy of vaccines against the virus. (Illustrative image).

This new data was reported in a briefing held by the South African Department of Health. At that meeting the doctor was Unpin Pillai The person who recorded symptoms reported by O’Micron patients, according to The Mirror.

“A telltale sign can appear at night. Patients have night sweats.”. specific pill. He also added that he is also seeing many patients with the variant with dry cough, fever, fatigue and ‘A lot of body aches’.

Additionally, this South African doctor noted that people who have been vaccinated tend to show milder symptoms. That is, they tend to transmit the disease “better”. This is why experts think so A booster vaccine is necessary to protect against an omicron variant, although it is too early to be sure.

However, there are many encouraging signs that current vaccines will provide some protection against the new strain of virus. Early data suggests that booster vaccines against Covid-19 Provides an extra layer of protection against disease.

If the variant undermines vaccine performance, additional protection against the virus may require four or more injections, possibly with new vaccine formulations, raising questions about whether the boost should continue indefinitely.Says an article published in the journal Nature.

Finally, scientists confirm that one of the common symptoms – which is usually the first to appear – is reported by people with it Omicron he dry cough accompanied by “sore throat”. In fact, in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, researchers from the British Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided a preliminary glimpse into the symptoms of the variant. Omicron They confirmed this and indicated that It affects 89 percent of those infected.

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