Meet Diego Ciel Reyna, a Mexican YouTuber who lives in Canada

Diego Salle Reyna is a Mexican YouTuber who was born in Mexico City in June 1985 and currently resides in Canada. Through her main channel, she shares Spanish-language content, which deals with topics such as life in Canada, information on how to immigrate to Canada and avoid job offer scams and educational content, as well as shares a little bit about the culture and lifestyle of the people who reside in that country.

In May 2001, at the age of 16 he moved to Vancouver Canada where he was placed in the care of an adoptive family, which allowed him to more easily integrate into that culture. But his rise to fame on the Internet occurred when former President Donald Trump, during the presidential campaigns in the United States, began promoting hate speech.

In this way, Saúl Reyna expressed his opinion through social networks, went viral and influenced both Hispanic speakers, as well as his fellow Latinos and friends. Thus, he began to gain followers on social media, and some media outlets contacted him to conduct some interviews.

Later, on September 21, 2016, he shared his first video, in which, as a protest and as part of a social experiment, he wore a Donald Trump mask to ask for a hug and in return also revealed his identity to find out. Who will decide the support This way find out the percentage of people who agreed with your campaign goals.

Since then, his channel has opened a window for all those who are inclined to the idea of ​​immigrating to a first world country like Canada, to look for new opportunities. So Diego Sael Reyna has been very clear about debunking some myths and showing the reality of life in Canada as such.

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Currently, the number of subscribers to his channel exceeds two million, and although he always tried in the beginning to stay away from controversy as any good creator is growing, the number of haters in recent times is increasing, as he revealed in some of his videos about this number. of offensive comments you receive because of some innocuous behavior, or simply because of their origin or physical appearance.

The family man has made his lifestyle a part of the content he shares with his millions of subscribers and in those videos he always tries to leave some value or teaching to those who follow him.

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