Nightfall, the sequel to the original fan-made game, introduces new gameplay

This mode is still in development, but will delight fans of the FromSoftware series.

If anything There is a desire In the world of video games it is more to see Eden Ring. The new game FromSoftware It remains a mystery We’ve seen practically only a few discarded designs from the first trailer. The wait is tough, but the fans They are excited. It was the last match in the study AxeIt’s a great game though Blue dot Released at the end of 2020 a new edition of Demon souls about PS5.

Obviously thinking about Dark Souls 4 or a new game outside of Elden Ring is overrated, but lover The Dark Souls saga They must be attentive to Dark Souls: Nightfall, Straightforward sequel from the beginning That some fans are developing. Now, this mode (which we say is much more than that) has been shown in a file A new 18-minute game The result is amazing.

How We told you a while agoAnd the nightfall He is from the creators mod Dark Souls: The Ash Girls, Which is the extension that expanded the first Dark Souls with loads of content. Now, this new mod, which would rather be a new game, It will have a new map, a new story (respecting the official series) and a Faster and more fighting speed, Slightly changed from the original.

Dark Souls: Nightfall It has no release dateBut the team behind him wanted to share this gameplay from the front of the game so players could see what they would find in it. The model looks very good and makes sense, something that was a lot more debatable with a mod we showed you a few weeks ago, which Dark Souls and Halo came together in an unexpected collaboration.

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Elden ring, no release date

As we mentioned at the beginning, FromSoftware fans We look forward to learning more About Elden Ring, the game Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin. Like an author’s book, game development If it expandsAnd the absence of news It is a deep pain for the players. In fact, FromSoftware thanked the fans for their support on various occasionsAnd the But not the baggy dress.

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