Video: How a $ 90 million luxury yacht collided with a jetty

Luxury yacht Valued at more than $ 90 million It shattered Opposite the sidewalk From a club on a Dutch island San Martin, Located in Caribbean.

the ship 77 meters high, owned by a billionaire Hans Peter Wilde, With a wharf St. Martin Yacht Club.

A luxury yacht over 70 meters in length, valued at $ 90 million, collided at a jetty

The accident occurred when the ship was baptized he goes, I came out of Simpson Bay Lagoon Ago Your mooring In the Navy Sun Island.

The yacht Manufactured by the company Turquoise yachts In 2018, It hit the yacht club pier twice. It was the second collision the most dangerous Since the boat He hit the wooden pavement and broke some concrete.

According to a statement from the San Martin Yacht Club, The impact caused massive damage So the pier will remain closed Until new notice.

The accident was due On-board computer malfunction Go, which was run by A. Student driver. Although the yacht He also suffered some significant damageAnd the You can continue browsing.

Another angle of the yacht crash belongs to the owner of the Capri Sun brand

Powered by Two diesel engines of 2575 hp from Caterpillar, The top speed reaches 18 knots and can Travel 5,500 nautical miles A cruising speed of 12 knots.

Among the odd things about the expensive boat, it has room for 16 guests and 19 crew members, a spa, a gym, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, Helipad, garage for two limousines, elevator connecting all floors, and movie theater.


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