News | Netflix begins testing to bring games to TV and PC

Oxenfree, from Night School Studio.

Netflix, the streaming giant, started venturing into the world of video games a few years ago. However, this new adventure may not have been what everyone expected. Contrary to what many people imagine, Netflix It only offered games on mobile devices, and the titles it offered weren’t necessarily something that would appeal to even the most diehard of video game enthusiasts. Now, things may slowly start to change, like Netflix Trials began to show their games on TV and computer.

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according to Mike VerdueVice President of the stadium NetflixYesterday, a limited closed beta began in some locations in Canada and the UK. This trial version is only available for select TV models and for select browsers Computer a lot with windows As with mac. The tests include two games Netflix Already offered in its mobile version: oxenfreel Night school studioAnd Molieu’s mining adventurea mobile arcade game.

A sample of how the game beta works on Netflix TV and PC.

The most curious thing about this test is the way one controls the games. Although users of Computer They can use a keyboard and mouse, those who play on TV need a console, a solution Netflix Perhaps the most logical: the cell phone. for devices androidthe same application Netflix will act as a control, while in iOS A separate app must be downloaded. Thus, Netflix is ​​not only testing its streaming technology for games on TV and Computerbut also mobile phone control technology.

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Now that Netflix has finally entered the world of gaming beyond mobile devices, some are rekindling their hopes for a streaming service that offers the same games they can buy at stores like steam. Of course, this reality is still a long way off, but for now Netflix These tests begin, it may only be a matter of time.

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