They found one of the largest diamonds in the world worth millions of dollars

Canadian miner Lucara Diamond announced the discovery of a 1,080-carat natural diamond at the Karwe mine in Botswana, South Africa. The value of the stone is estimated at millions of dollars.

They are “Type IIA Super White Gemstones,” the category to which those of the highest purity and transparency belong, which make up between 1% and 2% of the total of those mined.

According to the specialist magazine Natural Diamonds, the Karowe mine in Botswana is legendary for it It produced some of the greatest diamond finds of all time. In fact, about half of the ten largest diamonds ever discovered were found in Karowe.

The discovery of this 1,080.10-carat specimen marks the fourth 1,000-carat+ diamond recovered from the target area since 2015. Other notable recoveries include the 1,758-carat SewelĂ´ in 2019, the 1,174-carat diamond in 2021, and 1 Lesedi 109 carat, 2015.

The new gemstone is estimated to be For sale for several million dollars Suffering the same fate is Lesedi La Rona, which was found in Karowe in 2015 and acquired by jewelry house Graff in 2017 for $53 million. This rough diamond, the largest found in over 100 years, weighs 1,109 carats and has been cut, polished, and transformed into a 302-carat gem.

Lesedi La Rona is the second largest find, after the 3,106-carat Cullinan, found in 1905 near Pretoria, South Africa. According to Graff, it is the largest gemstone in color and clarity certified by the Gemological Institute and the largest square cut in the world.

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