US court rules in favor of group of young environmentalists | Historical climate judgment

a Montana court fail today For the benefit of a group of children and young people who accuse this state from the western United States violate your right to a “clean and healthy environment”in Climatic ruling considered historic.

said Judge Cathy Seeley Unconstitutional Montana law that prohibits for the local administration Take into account the effect of greenhouse gases in the climate when granting permits to fossil fuel companies.

The plaintiffs have A basic constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment, including climateSeely wrote in his more than 100-page ruling, AFP reported.

The 16 plaintiffs, who range in age from 5 to 22, did not seek financial compensation.

The trial was held in mid-June in Helena, Montana The plaintiffs detailed how the climate crisis is affecting their health, well-being and family finances.

This is the first time that a US state constitution has been invoked in court to criticize local authorities on a climate issue.

the the constitution of this country Fossil fuel friend says: “The State and every person will preserve and enhance a clean and healthy environment in Montana for present and future generations.”

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