New management of virtual desktops and more pre-installed software

A few hours ago, the participants were in programa windows insider subscribers to Dev Channel found news that They had a new Windows 10 update available: Build 21337.

This build is my first look at Windows 10 21H2, which will be the big update next fall For OS which, on the contrary From 21H1It will arrive loaded with improvements, changes and new functions.

We already knew that this Windows update (which also receives an Code name “Sun Valley”) With many related changes in Interface designInclusion: New icons, And back Rounded edges… But we are now familiar with some other new changes:

Virtual offices

One of the most important developments in this update It will come along with virtual desktops, A useful tool to thematically separate workspaces in our OS and Be more productive (For example, one is reserved for the workplace and the other is for employees.)

And that is, Build 21337 users have already discovered that they can Rearrange and customize backgrounds For each of the virtual desktops that they created. And so, ever since Settings> PersonalizationNow, we can Change the background of each office individually.


Evenly, From showing the task (Which we can access by pressing one at a time Win + Tab), We’ll have the opportunity to Drag and drop each desktop to the position we want Place it (or by right-clicking on its thumbnail, select the “Move Right” or “Move Left” options from the context menu).

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Finally, there will be another option to reorganize virtual desktops from Task view Use keyboard shortcuts: Alt + Shift + Left / Right ArrowAs we wish.

What changes will Sun Valley bring in the field of applications

  • The Windows Explorer From now on it will be her Less dense design, With more space between interface elements, to Ease of use on touch screens. Although the new “Heavy Mode” will be enabled for those who prefer the current design.

  • The Notepad It will release a new icon, and for the first time, it will be located in the Start menu itself and will not be moved to the ‘Accessories’ folder. Likewise, now It can be updated through the Microsoft Store, A decision the company made two years ago And the person who retreated.


  • Windows Terminal It’s already installed via the App Store, but what’s new is that This excellent multi-station app Will come from now Installed with Windows itself. Come on, if you don’t have it installed, as soon as Sun Valley accesses your computer, it will install automatically.

  • Also the tool Automation Powered automated desktop It will be now Installed by default On newer versions of Windows (except, for now, from ARM hardware versions).

Via | Microsoft

Image | Diana Vera Onover (via Wikipedia)

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