Netflix | “The Monster”: Evan Peters to Play Killer Geoffrey Dahmer in Platform’s New Series | The Monster: The Geoffrey Dahmer Story | Richard Jenkins

Evan Peters, The actor who recently surprised with his appearance in Wandavision of Marvel and Disney Plus already has a new project. The artist will play serial killer Geoffrey Dahmer in “monster”Upcoming Ryan Murphy series.

According to TVLineNotes that The Monster: The Geoffrey Dahmer Story She can be seen at Netflix. As previously revealed, Emmy Award winning Richard Jenkins will play Dahmer’s father, Lionel, the chemist who taught Jeffrey how to whiten and preserve animal bones, a technique his son would later use on his victims and would be joined by Penelope Anne. Miller, who will play Dahmer’s mother.

Additionally, Niecy Nash will play Glenda Cleveland, Dahmer’s neighbor who called the police on several occasions and even called the FBI to no avail. Sean J. Brown will play Tracy, Dahmer’s last victim who fought back and managed to escape, lead police to the killer’s apartment and lead to his arrest. Finally, Colin Ford will be seated in the shoes of a character named Chazz.

What is a “monster”?

“monster” It tells the story of one of America’s most notorious serious murderers, convicted of murdering 15 men and boys with methods such as mutilation, shoveling the dead, and cannibalism.

Geoffrey Dahmer, the criminal, was later killed in prison by another inmate. the actor Evan Peters He will explain it, and in this story, the series will present the perspective of its victims and will also depict the negligence of the police, who have come to free the killer.

Murphy will co-create with Ian Brennan. David Macmillan will also write the script and serve as a lead producer. Karl Franklin will direct the pilot, while Janet Mock will also write and direct various episodes. (With information from Europa Press)


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