For a Tokyo Olympics ticket: When and where to see the semifinals between Mexico and Canada

Mexico will secure its ticket to Tokyo if it beats Canada (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)

After a tremendous amount of time during the group stage, The Mexican national team separated from Jaime Lozano’s Under-23 side by one victory to clinch their pass to the Olympic Football Tournament.. However, they will have to conquer Canada, the team that finished second in Group B and is not losing hope of beating the only undefeated team in the tournament.

7:00 pm next Sunday, March 28, 2021, Young people will face each other in Medan Jalisco Stadium. Since it is one of the most tournament related matches, it will be broadcast via various media such as television, in addition to the internet and mobile applications.

Where to watch on TV: Channel 5 (open system) and TUDN (paid service).

Where do you see it on the mobile phone: The TUDN app.

Where to see on the Internett: One Soccer (Canada) subscription page.

Minute by minute through the website of Infobae Mexico.

Sebastian Cordova may return to the starting line-up (Photo: Henry Romero / Reuters)
Sebastian Cordova may return to the starting line-up (Photo: Henry Romero / Reuters)

For this match, Jaime Lozano has no margin of error. After monitoring the performance of your players during the previous three matches, He will use a competitive squad to secure his place in the tournament final. Thus, in the face of Luis Malagon’s injury, the main goalkeeper will be Sebastian Jurrado, who currently plays for Cruz Azul and has performed well during his time with the Veracruz Sharks.

Another player will probably return as a starter Sebastian Cordova. An Americanista was absent from the United States due to a warning against Costa Rica, The strategist did not want to give up his participation in the semi-finals due to the risk of receiving a second yellow card. Plus, with four annotations in the competition, his intervention could make all the difference.

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Up front, Lozano has several options. After recovery from Jose Juan Macias, He can repeat 11 starts for the second match in a row, even if his teammate is in the same position Alexis Vega He has already scored a goal. Meanwhile, she has it on the sides Roberto Alvarado and Uriel Antona, Who distinguished goals and made crucial passes since the first match.

Canada scored a victory and two draws in the group stage (Photo: Francisco Guasco / EFE)
Canada scored a victory and two draws in the group stage (Photo: Francisco Guasco / EFE)

On the other side, Competitors know the challenge of taking on the CONCACAF giant. Despite two draws in recent matches, they seem not to be favorites, the Canadians are looking to repeat their first-round victory against the El Salvador side. Mauro Bello coach, He knows he can star in a historic event, so he will seek to close spaces to the Mexican attack.

At the end of the meeting, The winner of that match will already know who will face next Tuesday. At 4:00 PM, Honduras will function as administration buildings, in the same complex, ahead of the United States. Like Canada, the Central American team will seek to change expectations and reach the Final.

The final can be played without fans in the stands (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)
The final can be played without fans in the stands (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)

He was a related factor in matches The mood of the players. There is no doubt that this was affected Attendance of the audience in the stands. However, the final could be played without fans due to the sector’s insistence on shouting insult to LGBT people. The possibility has been confirmed before One of Louisa, President of the Mexican Football Association (FMF), who also confirmed that FIFA opened disciplinary measures for the match between locals and the Dominican Republic.

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this way The hat-trick will play one of the most important matches so far this year, Because in their hands the possibility of attending the largest summer sports fair. However, the challenge goes beyond the stands, as it isFans can take another step towards anchoring the sport without discrimination and homophobia.

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