Netflix: The drama that will make you breathless and is the 3rd most watched movie

The American movie, which ran for two hours, captured the audience as it topped the world’s top 10 list for the streaming platform.

Ranking of most watched movies in Netflix They are constantly changing due to the constant renewal of titles. In this case, the leading production on the platform is an American film that deals with a romantic drama. I know what it is.

Jazz player in blues music It is a 127 minute American movie that was recently released. Since then, it has been a hit among users, making it the third most watched worldwide. Directed and written by Tyler Perry, it’s a jazz-involving drama that tells the story of a forbidden love.

Jazz player in blues music

“Tyler Perry’s tale of forbidden love and family drama reveals 40 years of secrets and lies on the soundtrack of deep blue saloon music from South America.”reads the official review provided by the platform.

This film tells the story of forbidden love through a family drama that reveals 40 years of secrets and lies With a blues-appreciated soundtrack in saloon cars in the depths of the southern United States.

the hero of the story A young African-American jazz singer who leaves his country town in search of fame; While he was away, he discovered that he was having an affair with an African American womanlight-skinned, portrayed as white.

The official trailer for a jazz blues player | Netflix


The official trailer for a jazz blues player |  Netflix

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