CARTAGENA / The flag decorates the city

Romanian engineering, hydraulic recreation, digital manufacturing and sustainable cosmetics, are among the technological developments revealed

Schoolchildren, neighbors, tourists and even newlyweds enjoyed this morning the UPCT science fairs that take place throughout the day at Heroes of Cavite Arena. This year Cartagena is again one of the European cities that celebrates European Researchers Night with scientific outreach activities, within the framework of Mednight, go to the Mediterranean School Project for Researchers Night.

“I was one of the students who founded the UPCT Solar Team,” explained Manuel Pérez, who went to the “podium” of this pageant team from the Polytechnic of Cartagena with his wife and dressed as the bride during the wedding. Pictures in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

“The workshops were very interesting and gave us a lot of information while we did the activities and games,” explained some of the students from Isaac Peral High School who attended with their teachers. They noted, “Virtual reality is really cool and we had a great time.”

“We intend to take science out to the street to spread what we are doing at the university, because if the research does not reach citizens, it is meaningless, and therefore we also hope to awaken technical professions, especially among young people,” the vice president explained. – Reactor Research, Transport and Deployment, Catalina Igea.

Carthage Nova . Engineering

Students, faculty from the Polytechnic, and specialist publishers from different parts of today’s Spain display in the middle of the street and in three museums the power of science and technology to change society and solve all kinds of challenges, from the need for cheap energy to do so. Do not contribute to global warming to the sustainability of consumer products such as cosmetics, learn about new digital manufacturing technologies and the great achievements of Roman construction in Cartagena, which are explained by interactive workshops in the Museum of Roman Theater and a talk by historian and architect of public works Isaac Moreno, presenter of the documentary program “Roman Architecture “.

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The main event took place on the Place Héroes de Cavite and parallel to the UPCT Museum of Water and Energy, located on the Alfonso XIII campus. This afternoon, there are also activities in the El Soldadito de Plomo cafeteria and at the Las Matildes Mine Interpretation Center, where tonight there will be an astronomical observation that there are no other places for. This activity will be repeated on Saturday at the Alfonso XIII campus.

In the Héroes de Cavite Square there is an exhibition of scientific and technological workshops, an exhibition and presentation of young baccalaureate researchers participating in SIMIP and IDIES conferences and a space dedicated to Europe with representatives from the Cartagena offices of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and Eurodesk, the Independent Council of the European Movement for the Murcia Region.

Mednight Goes to School is a project funded by the European Commission through the Horizon MSCA and Citizens 2022 program (nº 101061179) and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena has the support of the Regional Assembly and the cooperation of the Cartagena City Council in its realization. The Port Authority, the Sierra Minera Corporation and the Spanish Nuclear Society.

From Cartagena to Castellon

The cities of Valencia, Castellón de la Plana, Alicante, Elche, Murcia and Cartagena celebrate the 13th European Night for Scholars coordinated under the project Mednight GTS. The union, made up of 10 universities and representative entities of research and scientific publishing of the community of Valencia and the region of Murcia, offers a program of activities for all audiences that will take place during the last weeks of September and will be as soon as possible. September 29-30 and October 1, 2022. Activity schedule is available at

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Mednight GTS aims that research is accessible and close to all segments of the population, from the general public to groups with special needs. Ultimately, the goal is to foster young people’s interest in learning the scientific and technical skills that will make them professionals in the future.

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