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coca cola She released her first original song to kick off the second season of her global music platform COKE STUDIO™, which brings together the most exciting emerging artists and creators from around the world to create “Real Magic.” The new song, titled “Be Who You Are (Real Magic),” was written by Grammy Award-winning American songwriter and musician Jon Batiste, and features artists Camilo, NewJeans, JID, and Cat Burns.

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The Coca-Cola brand’s “True Magic” philosophy celebrates the magic of human connection and the belief that our differences make the world a richer and more interesting place. It’s a celebration of real life moments and the magic that happens when people come together.

First launched in Pakistan in 2008 and relaunched globally in May 2022, COKE STUDIO™ returns bigger and bolder this year with new releases from musical collaborations, a festival sponsorship program, live performances, and digital and augmented reality content. as product experiences, allowing audiences to discover new music anywhere in the world, from May to September 2023.

As a platform that celebrates collaboration without boundaries, COKE STUDIO™ has brought together artist Jean-Baptiste and more than 16 of today’s biggest music artists from the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Egypt, India and Pakistan, among others. These artists have created 9 new musical collaborations and exclusive COKE STUDIO™ sessions, which will be released to music fans around the world through music platforms throughout June and July.

The national anthem and “Be Who You (Real Magic)” music video, released today, are a celebration of the power of staying true to yourself. It reflects the idea that when people are authentic and accept others’ differences, “real magic” happens. Written by Jon-Baptiste, the song features the international group NewJeans, pushing the boundaries of K-pop; Latin Grammy Award-winning Colombian pop artist Camilo; BRIT Award and Ivor Novello nominated British singer-songwriter Kat Burns and eclectic Atlanta-born rapper, JID

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“I’m proud to partner with Coca-Cola to share a message of encouragement and humanity with the world through my music,” said Jean-Baptiste. “The Coke Studio platform is doing a great job of increasing its global reach bringing artists from different cultures together to celebrate our cultural differences and the ultimate unity of all of us. This is an unconventional approach.” And innovative we’ve taken on, and it just feels so organic to me when I’m doing my work on World Music Radio.”

When I wrote “Be Who You Are (Real Magic)”, I felt inspired to create an anthem that captures the true magic that happens when we come together and be authentic. The anthem features my new friends from around the world, these exceptionally talented artists NewJeans, Camilo, JID, and Cat Burns. We really had a lot of fun and I hope people everywhere can feel the atmosphere.”

In addition to music, Coca-Cola will launch the first COKE STUDIO™ augmented reality record store on the digital hub: which will feature an immersive album and mobile digital experience inspired by the “Be Who You Are (Real Magic)” music video. In this virtual world, fans will be able to enter the video world, which will feature an avatar of Jean-Baptiste who guides users through listening to songs, playing games, accessing behind-the-scenes and artist content, as well as exclusive prizes.

Prateek Thakkar, Director of Global Strategy and Creative for The Coca-Cola™ Company commented: “Real Magic is about celebrating what happens when different people come together to be original. The COKE STUDIO™ platform is the true embodiment of that, with the incredible artists we have brought together to deliver a bigger and bolder program since when. “

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“True collaborations between artists of different cultures, genres and backgrounds, what we call creative ‘collisions’, are at the heart of our COKE STUDIO™ platform. Our goal with this program is to always be music-driven and prioritize the role of fans, to deliver unique music and cutting-edge music experiences” .

The COKE STUDIO™ platform is a space for true, borderless creativity and collaboration between emerging and established music artists globally. Curated in association with Universal Music Group, the world leader in music entertainment offers a rare opportunity for artists from around the world to creatively collaborate and experiment with sounds from different cultures, merging genres to create new music and reach global audiences, both by bringing Punjabi. Music to the rhythms of the United States or South Africa to India.

The Coca-Cola Company also announced today that the featured artists for the COKE STUDIO™ 2023 musical “Collisions” will be:

  • Camilo (Colombia)
  • Newgins (Korea)
  • IADB (United States)
  • Kat Burns (UK)
  • Imagine Dragons (USA)
  • Sam Smith (UK)
  • Diljit Dosanjh (India)
  • Avdiki Sat (Türkiye)
  • Los Angeles Inner City Youth Orchestra (USA)
  • Nasty C (South Africa)
  • Jesse Reyes (United States)
  • Jelly tea (Pakistan)
  • Shreya Ghoshal (India)
  • Xin Liu (China)
  • Zack Tabodlo (Philippines)
  • Avrotos (Egypt)

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