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Netflix, the streaming platform with millions of followers around the world has listed a new production that has made itself among the most watched. It’s a British series.And Of only five chapters, which Netflix Premieres in December 2022.

Created by Sarah O’Gorman and Louise Hooper, this series hit the sixth spot in the top ten most watched shows from December 28 to January 1.

betrayalAnd series which premiered on December 26, 2022 to very good reviews from the specialist press, with a total 5 classesWhich ranges from 37 to 44 minutes.


betrayalIt tells about the life of a member of the Secret Intelligence Service who works for him United kingdom He had to replace his boss when he was seriously injured.

Adam Lawrence He lives a quiet life and is constantly trying to be in the “peak conditions‘, but with this unexpected event, he’s going to have to change completely. And just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, a Russian spy who was part of his past appears and assures him that she was the one who got him promoted.

Based on the various events that appear in the series, Who Smart service They consider him to be the youngest person to get the position he held due to the incident with his boss and they think he could be double agent. Lawrence will have to prove that this is not the case and do everything possible so that his family is not affected.

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Cast of Betrayal Series, Netflix

  • Charlie Cox Adam Lawrence
  • Olga Kurylenko as Kara Yusova
  • Una Chaplin (Maddy Lawrence)
  • Ciaran Hinds (Sir Martin Angeles)
  • Tracy Avishor (Dede Alexander)
  • Danila Kozlovsky (Lord Anton Melnikov)
  • Samuel Leakey (Callum Lawrence)
  • Beau Gadsdon (Ella Lawrence)
  • Simon Lenagan (Robert Kirby)
  • Alex Kingston (Audrey Gratz)
  • Avital Lvova (Irina Belova)
  • Adam James (Patrick Hamilton)

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