Four travel trends for this year 2022

As the world opens up to air travel and restrictions on entry to countries loosen, especially for vaccinated people, people are beginning to plan their vacations for 2022, even if they have to cancel or adjust them throughout the year. American Express Travel World Travel Trends 2022 report highlights interest in Travel a positive effectThe The evolution of family travelplanning Dream trips back Face-to-face trips.

The American Express survey was conducted in February of 1,000 travelers from Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom, and 2,000 from the United States. The common denominator is “Need to make up for lost timeThis is why 74% of those consulted are willing to book “even if they have to cancel or modify a reservation later.” This is 56% more than the previous year.

86% plan to allocate the same or more budget for their travels than before the pandemic. 72% plan to spend more than 2021 on domestic travel and 64% on international travel

The positive impact of travel

The impact and purpose of travel drives booking decisions. So much so that 81% said so They want to travel to destinations where they can immerse themselves in the local culture The same proportion wants the money they spend on travel to return to the local community.

Tourists consider engaging in positive practices, including wellness activities, giving back to communities, and protecting the environment, among others.

Among the activities they want to do to positively influence the destination, eating and shopping at small businesses stand out (55%)

The evolution of family travel

This year, six in ten respondents (62%) plan to take two to four trips and 76% agree they plan more family trips than they did in 2021. According to an American Express Travel Report, “Family travel is changing and the future looks bright. “

“Families are enjoying the opportunity to escape and are starting to plan big vacations: 70% of parents surveyed agree that in 2022 they are planning their first international trip with their children,” the trends report says.

This desire to travel as a family is due to the majority of parents surveyed (81%) acknowledging that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way they think about planning trips with their children.

74% of UK consumers plan to travel more as a family, with India (94%) and Mexico (92%) leading the way

Currently, 79% of those surveyed are looking to travel with their family and 58% want multi-generational travel.

Although family vacations have been affected by the pandemic in the past two years, the preferred experiences were domestic trips (19%), beach resort vacations (12%), road trips (11%), international trips (10%), and accommodations. (7%) and camps (6%).

dream trips moment

After two years of limited travel due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, “dream destinations are becoming reality”. 55% of respondents would like to book the trip of a lifetime this year, especially Millennials (67%) and Generation Z (65%).

“65% of those surveyed agree that they would rather take their dream vacation than buy a new car,” the study says.

A third of travelers (35%) say their dream trip is to Europe and there are five destinations of greatest interest: Italy (21%), France (17%), England (12%), Spain (11%) and Greece (10%).

Face-to-face trips

American Express Viages asserts that with the return of entertainment, “the travels associated with face-to-face events are returning as well.”

With the return of music festivals, sporting and cultural events, “we are seeing an increase in the number of customers booking travel for specific events or experiences,” the company says, adding that 56% of respondents said they did not travel to major entertainment events last year, but that it has plans to return to These events this year.

In fact, 43% said they are interested in traveling for leisure events and more than half (52%) are interested in traveling for personal gatherings such as weddings, birthdays or graduations.

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