Ferrari estimates Barcelona’s improvement by three-tenths and thinks it’s a good first step

Dr..he “awesome“Charles” Leclerc to “You don’t know where you’re going outto Carlos Sainz. Such were the judgments of the Ferrari drivers after the Spanish Grand Prix that they could finish 11th and 5th respectively. scuderia development engineer, Jock Claire, pointing out that despite everything seems like a step forward He confirms that it is the first chapter and that they will continue to insist on this car.

This beam did not make a difference of half a second or seven-tenths of a second, as stated, about two or three tenths at most”, pointing to. Clear has tried to highlight the positive aspects of choosing to debut the new package in Spain in a trajectory that generally reveals the car’s strengths and weaknesses. However, with the removal of the last chicane, the number of fast corners at Montmeló increased, adding to the SF-23’s difficulties in the fastest sections. And despite everything, Sainz finished second in the standings, with a great performance, outpacing the car and Leclerc.

“The good thing is It’s a tenth in Barcelona, ​​and this is a circuit that really reveals the car’s weak points. You can’t go to Barcelona and hide. That’s the really positive thing, we’ve gone and done the job of updating on one of the most demanding circuits, perhaps,” he said after the race.

The eye-catching element within the walls of the Maranello headquarters, without a doubt, revolves around the unpredictable behavior of the SF-23, which the pilots complain about, and highlights how the slightest difference in terms of track temperature or wind direction greatly affects the sensations behind the wheel.

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Improve the drivability of the vehicle

“Absolutely yes. It was our Achilles heel. It’s a bit more of a complete change than in the past, where we tried to make the car a little bit easier for the drivers. This is an update that has brought more air towards the rear of the car in terms of aerodynamics. But in doing so, it made the car less sensitive to wind and things like that. “Canada would be a good opportunity to continue to insist on this improvement in attitude, Claire says, on a circuit with several really fast sections with associated curves.

With the budget we have, We can’t afford to take a test item and say, “Okay, let’s try this, and we don’t understand why.” We understood why this package was so successful and we believe that this has opened a new path for us that we will now embark on,” He says optimistically about the future.

“We don’t know where it will end up. We can see the next two corners, but we can’t see further, we don’t have the whole track in front of us. But we’re definitely banking on the fact that the core aerodynamic development process needs to be consistent,” Claire said, noting that long-term development with this package hasn’t been done yet, but we’re hinting that more is definitely coming in the future. SilverstoneIn mid-July a major race is marked for almost everyone in terms of car development

“So the fact that we introduced this improvement suggests to everyone on the team, ‘Okay, Aerodynamics engineers are delighted with this consistent trajectory forward, which will lead somewhere and which we will have to explore further. We’ll see later this year.” clear progress.

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