Netflix announced that it will charge users who share their accounts: How long has the measure been in effect?

The co-CEO of the streaming platform, Greg Peters, was responsible for making the announcement, following the release of an earnings report Netflix In the first quarter of this year and making sure that in the vast majority of countries that have the service, additional fees will apply for those who share their accounts.

Netflix has confirmed the date when it wants to finally implement the co-payment plan, with the goal of preventing users from lending their passwords to others who don’t pay for the service. On many occasions, the platform has hinted that it will implement this, as this is the first time it has officially done so.

Greg Peters said: It will start showing in the second quarter at the end of June in the vast majority of countries that have Netflix.. The details of the model that the company seeks to implement have not yet been disclosed, however, it is expected that the program will be specifically related to the tests conducted by the platform at the beginning of the year.

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In February, the platform launched a prototype in the countries of Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, giving you a choice “Buy an additional member” It allowed primary account holders to pay an additional monthly fee for a sub-account for one or two people.

When they launched this prototype, Netflix noticed a lot of resistance from most of the users and many of them chose to cancel their subscriptions rather than having to pay an additional subscription. Given this Peters hypothesized: “This will not be a global grassroots movement.”

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However, despite all that launched in those countries this first quarter, the outlook was positive, still reaching 232.5 million subscribers, up 4.9% from the same period last year.

This is the largest subscriber count in the company’s history, an increase of 3.7% compared to the first quarter of last year.

For those who don’t adhere to the new model, the company plans to block devices after a certain period of time trying to access someone else’s Netflix account without paying.

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