The Pentagon confirms the authenticity of a video clip that recorded a UFO

Washington: The Pentagon Confirm the authenticity of the video in which An unknown object was observed It was recorded in 2019 from a US Navy ship.

In short, a UFO has properties that cause it to defy the laws of physics. At the end of the investigations conducted by the “task force” of the Ministry of Defense dealing with unidentified weather phenomena, the spokesperson said Susan Goff He made it clear that those photos were not a hoax. “I can confirm that the video was actually recorded by Navy personnel and that the images are being verified,” Gove said.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon expects in the coming weeks a comprehensive report on the advanced activity of the UFO investigation and documents submitted in Congress.

The green video was compiled by the Uncontrolled Weather Anomalies Working Group (UAPTF) and filtered by Jeremy Korbel, the author of the documentary “Bob Lazare: Area 51 and Frisbee”, and KLAS TV news director George Knapp was also reported. New York Post s the sun.

Pentagon experts defined it as a “transium”, a vehicle capable of moving in air, in water, and in vacuum.

The short clip, apparently recorded with some kind of night vision equipment, appears to show triangular or hierarchical objects looming over the surface of a Navy destroyer.



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