WhatsApp will notify you if a contact saves your messages: how it works and when it will apply

In order to add new functionality, The WhatsApp Just released a new tool called “Keep in Chat”designed to allow users to save certain messages in temporary chats.

What cell phones have been left without WhatsApp since Sunday 16th April

Many mobile phone models will not be able to use WhatsApp starting this weekend because their operating systems will no longer be updated.

How does the “Keep Conversation” option work in WhatsApp

This option will enable clients of the instant messaging platform to be able to Save important information such as titles and media fileswhich would self-destruct.

To save a specific message, users simply need to Tap and hold the same for a few seconds and then tap on the sticker icon.

WhatsApp: Argentine engineers have designed a simple way to know what a voice is saying without listening to it

Argentine engineers have developed ‘TranscibeMe’, a WhatsApp bot that allows users to transcribe audio and convert it to text, without hearing it.

Yes good New jobs for WhatsApp was initially designed for temporary conversationsIt is also expected to be available in individual and group chats.

It should be remembered that temporary messages self-destruct in a certain period of time. However, some people who use the app on a daily basis have expressed interest in being able to store relevant information that originates in a WhatsApp exchange. This new tool will allow them to do exactly that.

Who can use the “Stay in Chat” feature of WhatsApp

On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify that despite the fact that the function enables users to save messages, the sender remains the owner of the content.

This means that the sender is the one who decides whether to allow the data to be saved or whether they want it to self-destruct as usual. Yes The person who sent the information decides to remove it from the chat, and it will be deleted for all users, which means that no one will be able to keep it.

WhatsApp has developed a new “Voice Chats” function: how it will work and when it will be active

It was recently announced that WhatsApp will implement new features on the platform, such as “Voice Chats” for making group calls, as an alternative to other applications.

At the same time, group admins can also choose whether all members can keep a message or whether the feature is only available to themselves. Comments saved in the Saved Messages folder will be displayed in the respective chat.

Finally, Keep in Chat is now ready to be used globally. Anyone who wants to use the new hack should make sure they have the latest version of the The WhatsApp.

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