Nestor Mong will go to football in Canada

From Jicaral heat to cold Canada. Midfielder Nestor Mong will switch clubs and play for Valor Football in the Canadian Premier League.

Monge will travel from April to join his new adventure abroad after a short stint in Guatemala and Mexico’s Asenso League with Cavitaleros de Chiapas.

The current footballer from Jicaral will continue to play for the Peninsula team until his arrival on the Canadian side.

The 31-year-old signed with Valor for one year with the opportunity to extend his contract for another two years.

“Nestor Mong is a very technically superior player who will help tie our game. He owns a player of his caliber and has experience in over 300 games in a major league like Costa Rica, and he is at a great age to increase his ability and experience with my players.” Other people’s football. ” Club officer.

In the current Clausura 2021 competition, Monge played all five matches to compete with co-captain Jicaral.

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