They warn that yacht clubs are modifying Paraná Bank

In this regard, one of the Rosario groups that make up the inter-provincial assembly has advanced to Capital that He will file administrative claims for two people Clubs From the northern part of town who do not respect the line of banks. This is confirmed by lawyer Romina Aragas Parana not touched, An organization with a proven track record on environmental issues since 2012. They already discussed this issue in time at a meeting they had with Mayor Pablo Javkin, Aragas recalls, and now they will make an official presentation in front of the municipality.

“In Rosario, the advancement and modification of the banks of Parana by yacht clubs in violation of public spaces has become a sad natural state.”, Cautious Wetlands are in red On the business of these private enterprises located on the coast.

Another disturbing example is the lower pelvis River Luján in the province of Buenos Aires, “Where in the regions of Tigre, Escobar and Pilar, at least 10,000 hectares of wetlands have surrendered to filling the hands of real estate developers,” pointed out. At Entre Rios there was, too Problems in building gated communities, Which affected the Gualiguaizhu River in each case.

We are talking about the margins of water bodies, whether they are rivers, streams, lakes, or seas. “ Insisted on Wetlands are in red. It was established in the civil and commercial law of the nation and regulated by specific regional regulations, There is an invisible but fundamental streak that indicates how far a body of water is. The space within this zone It is in the public domain and starts in the private area next to it. That is, it is Boundaries between public and private; Between society and the individual “, They explained.

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Establishing a shoreline is an obligation of territories, which is rarely fulfilledWhich favored all kinds of forays and irregular allocations. Environmental groups said artificial beaches, private neighborhoods, boarding ports and yacht clubs are some real examples in which these boundaries have been moved for the benefit of a few.

River line

Contrary to what most people think, a bank line is not usually located on a shore, rather it can be located a great distance from the river bed. And it happens, the organizations explained, Because our regular rivers flow on low slopes and tend to overflow and occupy vast areas known as flood plains or valleys. Hence, these public areas, made up of wetlands, are very extensive.

“The owners of properties adjacent to a body of water must make it clear that they are not reaching the very edge of the water, but they must respect the invisible line and even, According to the new civil and commercial law, he left 15 meters free of all types of construction inside his land and adjacent to that lineThe document highlights.

“In the areas where we operate the organizations we integrate into Wetlands are in redAnd the The lack of demarcation of this line has allowed for the scandalous appropriation of thousands of hectares of wetlands. They concluded that these ecosystems that provide extraordinary services not only lose public spaces, but also disappear: the accumulation and purification of the water they contain, the recharge of water levels, the provision of shelter for great biodiversity and being a soft barrier that reduces floods.

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