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The NASA Just posted Full video of the persistence landing on Mars, The first time a mission has logged into the Red Planet.

Pictures were taken by several cameras attached to the scanning vehicle: You start shortly after deploying the massive parachuteFollow the descent of the spacecraft towards the surface of Mars, where many of its geographical features can be observed, and it ends with a persistence landing.

He summed up: “Looking at these pictures, anyone can have an idea of ​​what it will be like when a spacecraft lands on Mars.” Matt Wallace, one of those responsible for the missionAt a press conference this Tuesday.

The “persevere” mission has reached Mars and is already looking for life’s traces

For the first time, NASA has permitted the rover to carry conventional video and photographic cameras to attempt to fully document the landing. The decision was successful before The magnificence of the pictures and the usefulness of these videos and images to better understand the whole process. According to the specialists explained.

the most important

Persevering successfully landed in Jezero crankcase last Thursday. This is the most important mission in history to Mars and Its main goal is to find traces of life in this region of the northern hemisphere of the planet. That 3500 million years was a great lake where suitable conditions could be provided for the emergence of life.

In the coming days, those responsible for the mission will analyze the first data that Perseverance has collected, review its software and begin testing its various tools.

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For the first time, NASA has permitted the rover to carry conventional video and photographic cameras to attempt to fully document the landing. The decision was successful due to the stunning nature of the images and the usefulness of these videos and photos to better understand the entire process, according to the specialists.

In a few weeks, the car will move its robotic arm for the first time and take its first short driving test. In a month or two, you should hopefully have found a place flat enough to shoot down Ingenuity, a small, long-propelled UAV..

These are autonomous vehicles It could be the solution to reach the most rugged and complex places on the planet, Points that cannot be visited otherwise. In the future, such drones could be important support for manned missions. Another goal of the mission is to specifically clear the way for the astronauts who will arrive within a few years.

The Perseverance has six wheels and is equipped with seven scientific instruments to try to analyze the atomic and chemical composition of the bottom of the disappeared lake, looking for unmistakable traces of Mars microbes. The expedition’s scientific team intends to explore the ancient lake bed and shores in search of carbonate minerals, which have well preserved the fossils on Earth. In the future, the mission could reach the maximum of the utility box, only at the river’s entry point and where the sediment carried by the water is still preserved.

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