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“There is a smear campaign for the province without sustenance…” López Obrador

It is great that the issue that the majority of Mexicans in our country are talking about is education. The bad thing is that the discussion is about errors in the free textbooks that the Ministry of Public Education will provide (or intend to do so) to all schools in the national territory. The debate becomes polarized when we delve into the content of textbooks, because far from spelling, arithmetic, or pedagogical errors, the debate centers on the ideological arena.

Free textbooks were born in our country during the presidency of López Mateos through the creation in 1959 of the National Committee of Free Textbooks (Conaliteg) “to be responsible for defining the characteristics of textbooks, according to the methodology and related programs for primary education”, a government action aimed at mass distribution For education in our country in an intensive and standardized way. Textbooks currently perform three primary functions: As an educational tool for faculty members. as direct teaching materials for students; and as a tool for equality and cultural enrichment for families, according to Irma Villalpando, an expert in education.

In this sense, free textbooks are the minimum and the place of conformity for all children in our country, in public and private schools, from Tijuana to Tuxtla Gutierrez. These are lessons that – in theory – reduce educational gaps and, I repeat, in theory, will allow later to combat the various inequalities in the country. It is an educational tool for teachers and students, but also a lifelong learning rule, and herein lies the importance that both the entire educational community (authorities, parents, teachers and students), as well as the community as a whole, discuss what has been accomplished by the so-called New Mexican School.

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Obviously, these textbooks are another presidential initiative, a palace-chartered event, which the courtiers did not want to discuss. Talking about books “before” were full of neoliberal ideology and changing it to a “special” ideology, ergo, of “Mexican humanism” is educational nonsense or as Gilberto Guevara Niebla states, book orchestrating “educational regression”. 4T’s antagonism against the Enlightenment, in which it states that “the educational goal should aim at building cultural unity within diversity and not at the temptation of diversity, nor projecting it as a virtue in itself,” a theme in the new books of the text occurs in the opposite direction.

And so, as in all controversial cases carried out by the President with the stroke of a pen, without prior studies or necessary consensus, we will now enter the legal field because the Ambaros did not wait and the governments of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Jalisco and Yucatan have indicated that they do not will distribute that material. We must realize that today we are not talking about an airport on a whim or a refinery that does not refine oil, and today what is at stake is the education of our children. Study plans and materials should not be a whim reflecting the ideological vision of one man, we should return to science and education, because yes, 2 + 2 achieves 4.

Written by Adriana Saror

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