Mexico consolidates as a major trading partner of the United States in 2023 Grupo Milenio

By the first semester of 2023 Trade between Mexico and United StateYes Its value amounted to 396 thousand and 598 million dollars, an increase of 3.1 percent compared to what was reported in the same period last year, to consolidate itself as a major trading partner for the neighboring country.

According to the latest update from the US Census Bureau, from January to June, eAmerican exports to Mexico amounted to 160,552 million dollars, a decrease of 0.04 percent compared to the same period last year.

while the The imports they received from Mexico grew 5.41 percent compared to the previous year, rising from 223 thousand and 914 million dollars to 236 thousand and 946 million dollars.

So, Mexico has become the number one trading partner of the United StatesDespite the economic difficulties the two countries faced during the year due to differences in energy and agricultural policies.

China previously occupied this place, but due to the trade wars that the two countries have faced in recent years, it has now moved to third place, with a value of $275.554 million, down nearly 20 percent compared to last year.

with the North America region(A) (Mexico and Canada), two countries with which it participates in the USMCA trade agreement, the volume of trade exchange for the United States amounted to 784 thousand 968 million dollars, an increase of 0.15 percent over the 783 thousand 784 it achieved in 2022.

And Canada ranked second A decrease of 2.80 percent, as its contribution increased from 399 thousand 239 million dollars last year to 388 thousand 040 million dollars in 2023.

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Mexico also exports to other countries and among the main countries are Germany and China, which rank second and third, but currently the United States is also its main trading partner, accounting for 80 percent of Mexican exports, according to data from Engie.


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