Moldova | The pro-European Labor and Solidarity Party announced its victory in the local elections


Pro-European Action and Solidarity Party, formation of a president for Moldova, Maya SandhuHe claims to have won the local elections in this country, according to the first results. Late Sunday, PAS was ahead in 19 of 35 constituencies.

In a statement published in Moldovan digital media, the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Moldova said, andre Spino, He pointed out that the Malaysian Islamic Party elected the largest number of mayors in the first round, more than 240 out of 898 cities and villages in the country.

Regarding the capital Chisinau, according to preliminary data, the current mayor is a Social Democrat Ion Sibanwould have been re-elected in the first round

According to Moldovan electoral legislation, if no candidate for mayor receives more than 50 percent of the votes, the two candidates with the highest number of votes go to a second round.

The elections were largely marked by the banning of the Prime Minister, Doreen RissenHe is a candidate of the pro-Russian Opportunity Party for reasons related to national security. All this after the Moldovan National Intelligence Agency published a report denouncing Russia’s attempt to “influence the electoral process.”

The opportunity arose after the dissolution of the Shor group, which was declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court in Moldova, in June, after it was accused of trying to destabilize the country.

Moreover, as part of this battle between the pro-European government and the Russian opposition, the authorities banned several pro-Russian media outlets from broadcasting in October, including Russia Today.

Two and a half million people were invited to elect nearly 900 mayors and 11,000 aldermen on Sunday. In the background there is an important issue: joining the European Union.

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