With just 8 episodes, the Netflix miniseries questions everything you believe

Netflix It is one of those British productions that keeps the viewer interested from the first episode until the end. this documentary film Her mission is to question everything she’s ever thought of and she succeeds with flying colors.

The end of the world from the past“is the name of this series Which only he has 6 interesting episodes. Each one is about 35 minutes long, so it’s a suggestion for marathon enjoyment. Direction by Mark Tilly based on the screenplay by Graham Hancock and Bruce Kennedy.

Netflix: What is the documentary series “Apocalypse of the Past” about?

Journalist Graham Hancock travels the world in search of evidence of mysterious lost civilizations dating back to the last Ice Age.“, says the official synopsis.

Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, United States, Türkiye These are some of the sites where a researcher will search for the remains of an ancient and forgotten society that can give us many clues as to how we got here. It’s a journey as exciting as it is fascinating.

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It was well received by specialist critics Great reviews and ratings. “It might be nice to take Hancock’s novel seriously, but even if you don’t, the questions it raises are enough to keep you watching to see where it goes.”


“The Apocalypses of the Past” is available on Netflix.

Netflix: Trailer for the documentary miniseries “The Apocalypses of the Past”

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