Mobility Pass fraud

In the early days of February, an offer arrived on WhatsApp from a 25-year-old. was around Selling a mobility permit gives them the freedoms a vaccinated person would have with the full schedule, but without actually being vaccinated. The value of the document was 90 thousand dollars$30,000 for each of the three doses that will be registered in the official system of the Ministry of Health.

In different groups and social media channels It is possible to find offers for this fraudulent service. Líbero entered on Facebook groups of people who were against vaccinations or against the navigation corridor, with different users recommending contacts on Telegram for testimonials, stressing that they “worked” and “trusted”.

Mobility Pass provides more and more freedom, both for capacity and for entering other countries, so getting it has become important. Until now , approx 15 million people have their anabolic dose, and therefore with certification. This increase in demand has given way to fraudulent acts in which a mobility permit that contains a complete scheme and works like a real scheme, but whose content is false, is sold.

The investigation unit of El Líbero found that today in Chile it is possible to purchase a movement permit without vaccination. The deal is a crime against public belief and could have consequences both in vaccination statistics and in risks to people’s health, which is why, according to sources linked to the outgoing Ministry of Health, it is necessary to investigate it fully.

in the group No to a mobility card in ChileAlessandro A’s profile posted: “Please share widely. Do you need a 1, 2, 3, or 4 dose without passing the vaccine? I tried it and now it works with everyone who wants a passport to vaccinate, health pass, QR code without going through a vaccine that you can contact on Telegram: Hanrywatson (sic) ». The announcement included the countries where the “service” was available: Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada, Austria, Italy, Germany, Chile and Peru.

In another post by the same group (see photo) – which has more than 5,000 members against what they call a “health dictatorship” – Priscilla F. “The services of the doctor who passed all my family members with appreciation with all doses and a valid QR code«. “It’s very fast and reliable,” this user said in February, and provided a “DrJames1123” contact on Telegram. The same comment was made on seller Habram12.

When contacting people recommended by users, the instructions were clear and similar: make a payment and submit personal data to receive a mobility permit. From the conversation and the required payment method – bitcoins and sterling – it can be concluded The service providers do not necessarily live in Chile, but they do “business” from other countries where the same service exists.

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The most extensive conversation was with Hanry Watson, who emphasized that if an applicant did not have any vaccination or mobility permit, they should record the three doses first. After that, you will learn “How to get the QR code on your national card”. He further explained: “I will go to the system here, and then someone will call you there in Chile to put it on your specific card”Declaring that he is not in the country. Watson in charge of this service a total of £200More than $210,000 in Chilean Pesos. (look at the pictures)

The fees for the other two were lower. ‘Dr. James confirmed that passing the first three doses would cost 95 thousand dollars pesos It will be delivered within 24 hours. After questions about the pass’s effectiveness, Send the seller the guide About a hypothetical customer paying for the service.

Shown in the submitted photo (pictured below) is a 15-year-old boy’s ID card and a digital vaccination card with a QR code. It is not possible to tell if the person has purchased that service or has already been vaccinated, because their private information cannot be accessed, however, their mobility pass appears as “enabled” when scanned.

Dr. Habram’s accusations 55 thousand dollars applied in bitcoinAnd delivery within 24 hours. Given the skepticism expressed, he said that “these scams have become very common on networks,” but his permits worked “very well” and customers were “satisfied.”

And in order not to incur the truth of what has been denounced, Libero has not made the transaction or deposit. Outgoing Minsal was consulted about this fraud presented on social networks, but they preferred not to mention the topic. Regarding the correctness of the information of the 15-year-old, they also did not comment due to the patient’s right to privacy.

The contacts could in fact be fraudulently entering vaccines into the official registry of Chile, providing a tampered QR code, or it could just be a scam.

Sources associated with this wallet assert that this could be just one example of a recurring fraud that, according to those familiar with the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, should be investigated as it would be a crime that could have serious consequences. “This is a thread, I think it’s very likely that this will be more frequent”they confirm, because Process amplification causes the log to be “imperfect” and “infallible”.

Ministry of Health website -From where the navigation pass is downloaded- It is fed by a file National Immunization Register (RNI), The official source of vaccination data in the country since December 31, 2012 and the only national repository of all public and private health institutions in agreement with Seremi de Salud since 2013, according to Vaccination department.

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RNI is the computer tool that provides Minsal with an electronic and nominal record of doses administered by type and vaccination schedule and allows obtaining the vaccination history of each vaccinated person in the country, providing information about coverage in each strategy and campaign.

As of January 2022, 2110 public and private institutions had the country’s RNI system. is called, At least 2,000 people can access the registry, either as pollinators or registrars Where each vaccinated vaccine must be registered, its batch number or series, contact details of the person and the name of the vaccinator.

For example, in the case of vaccines Pfizer, each batch corresponds to 50,000 vaccines and because it is multiple doses, from the same ampoule – which has its own serial number – between 5 and 6 doses are ejected. During registration, vaccinators make sure to enter the batch number, as it is essential in the search for adverse effects, however, The serial number is not always logged, which is a vulnerability in the system.

The sale of a mobility permit implicitly indicates the forgery of the general instrument, since a fake certificate is issued that can interfere with vaccination statistics. Those who make up the health system assert that this could be one of the most serious consequences, since A person who has not been vaccinated, which represents a public health risk, is given permission to act as if In terms of capacity and restrictions, for example, for exit and entry into other countries.

In addition, a public health crime and fraud can be constituted in the Treasury, whereby money is charged for a vaccine that is a free public good and paid for by taxes.

10 confirmed scams

The libero was able to access the testimony of Juana Pérez (25), whose name has been changed to protect her identity. After opposing free vaccinations in the health system for personal reasons, It is payable to obtain a transport permit dependent on the three doses necessary – Up to date – Get a complete vaccination schedule and enjoy its benefits.

The service was offered to him by a friend who acted as an intermediary between the architect of the scam and a group of 10 people whom he had to appoint to carry out the “work”. For this scroll, The seller received 900,000 pesos And the group of 10 people, they were able to move around freely.

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Forty-eight hours after paying $90,000 USD and handing over personal data to each one, The source informs this medium that he accessed the Ministry of Health (Minsal) platform with his unique key and downloaded his digital vaccination card It contains a QR code and proves that it has been vaccinated three times against Covid-19. The same thing happened with the other nine group members who paid for their digital certificate. It appears that all vaccinations have been carried out in the municipality of San Bernardo.

Libero cannot have a copy of Pérez’s digital mobility permit, but Check this when scanning the document’s QR code and ID card It is listed as “Enabled”. The method used by the business broker may not be the same as described above in Telegram chats, but it confirms the presence of fraud.

Ticket sales all over the world

For months, different countries have started to use the mobility pass, passport or vaccination certificate as a condition for enjoying greater freedoms and crossing borders, which is why there is an increased demand for them and keeping up with vaccinations. In Europe, it gave way to an increase in cases of fraud in these certificates, as is currently observed in Chile.

Search Spanish media reported that various channels on Telegram are offering “green digital certificates” for about 250 euros ($220 thousand pesos) and this included “It will be in the data register of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control” and that it is accepted in all member states of the European Union. Payment is also made up front and in Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies to avoid the possibility of being tracked by the authorities.

This work adds to the already disclosed sale of negative PCR tests, a repeatable document that is easy to cheat, but threatens people’s health because it can generate sources of infection.

In January of this year, The Madrid National Police have arrested 7 people Charged with forging documents and threatening public health, after selling fake passports. Investigators found that they had fraudulently registered 1,600 people in that country’s National Immunization Registry.

The fact was also reported in American countries. in Mexico, The authorities warned of the danger of these practices and their legal consequences. Mexico City’s General Secretariat of Citizens confirmed that fake vaccination certificates were issued in the historic center of the Mexican capital and that those who bought or prepared these documents ranged from 3 to 6 years in prison.

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