Entrepreneurship for Ex-UdeC Students Join US Business Accelerator

Dedication, perseverance, ingenuity, and superior knowledge were essential elements of that 3D cycle Continue to receive recognition, because in addition to receiving an award at the Impulsa 2022 Business Meeting, a few days ago they received another great news: their selection for one of the most prestigious accelerator programs in the United States and the world, no less than Techstarsthe same program that last year received another distinguished graduate from UdeC Engineering, Max Echeverría with his company Squad.

Rogers Scallop Martinezfounder of Cicla 3D, civil and mechanical engineer UdeC, comments that he has been advancing for several years, but when they received a recommendation Max Echeverria It all started moving forward, for which he values ​​trust and support, and realizes UdeC engineering seal effect.

The application has been for five months and has been very comprehensive in all areas, With the review in all areas of the company, and finally, 10 selected from around the world. “We’re the only ones outside the US, just like what happened to Max Echeverria, the only foreigners. On the topic of advanced materials, in Portland, Maine, where we’ll be for three months, they have a lot of advancements and in 3D printing they have the biggest printer in the world, they’ve got I broke the Guinness record. It’s unbelievable ”, expresses the leader of the startup Penquista, which was born in engineering UdeC, with the support of Gearbox.

The team that will be going these months, in addition to Rogers, is Valentina Meza Vargas; responsible for operations; Andres Navas RiosecoThe CEO and Luis Garrido Canaveshead of research and development department, all former students of FI UdeC.

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Techstars experience

Techstars It is a global investment program that provides access to capital, group and individual mentorship, and access to a global network of early stage entrepreneurs. By accessing it, They invest money to participate in the company in order to prepare them to raise their capital in the United States.

“Of this initial investment, there is an amount earmarked for travel, housing and food, in order to guarantee the exclusive dedication to the programme. They tell us it is not recommended to go alone, the four of us go and the level of intensity is high”And the Valentina Meza explains. That is, Valentina comments, they invest until the companies are established and their operations are opened in the United States.

“The goal is to raise North American capital to continue expanding the company or make steady sales and arm yourself in the country. So in the end, I feel like it will be very intense and demanding, because they will teach you during the day and in the afternoon, it should really work,” he said. Industrial Civil Engineer at UdeC.

Regarding what this achievement means for the company, Navas said, “It’s a great privilege and honor, but we’re clear it doesn’t mean anything different to the company so far. But for the first time we feel we have the ground and the space to be able to calm down and get out of the circle we’re stuck in at some point.” We have the choice to stay calm and direct what we want with the company. We take it very proudly and have the opportunity to show that we can do something with great impact.”

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