Miniseries featuring actors from Game of Thrones that will trap you in a palace

The thought of being attacked in our home by criminals who prevent us from leaving and threaten to torture or kill us is most disturbing. That’s why this kind of Home invasion Always very effective: It appeals to a very basic fear that everyone can effortlessly relate to. No one wants to be in that position, and at the same time, we can all put ourselves in the shoes of the victim and the alternate hero. Michael Haneke’s Funny Games is perhaps one of the most relevant titles produced under this formula, but before and after, many others have been produced. One of the latest? The series that interests us today: “The Wolf.”

Now released in Spain on HBO Max, it is a BBC original production broadcast in the UK this summer. It consists of six episodes, adapted from the novel of the same name by Mo Haider (The eighth and final of the series is dedicated to Inspector Jack Caffery; a strange choice as they went straight to the end to adapt him, though no further context was needed.) Megan Gallagher’s adaptation presents us with a story divided into two complementary plots (with time jumps in some) that are destined to be connected, although this requires patience.


On one side we have Jack Caffrey, A policeman obsessed with his brother’s disappearance, decades ago, will follow a series of investigations into that case that will be linked to another case that shocked locals five years ago, known as the Donkey Beach Murders. In parallel, the Anchor-Ferres (father, mother and daughter) are stately people who will spend a few days in their country house, of course very isolated, to find a terrible fate: first they find something in the garden that reminds them of that previous crime, and after that, they Victims of confinement in their palace They do not know what their captors really want from them.

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After the first, perhaps very introductory, episode, once you’ve laid those foundations, the walk is on. Also, the irregularity of the series can make you fluctuate quickly between loving it or hating it. Don’t look for anything realistic because you won’t find it, but on the other hand, “Wolf” gives a good performance (Juliet Stevenson stands out as a lady kidnapped at the edge of the woods and we also have a couple of guys from “Game of Thrones” in there). “, Iwan Rheon and Owen Teale), despite the fact that some characters don’t stray far from clichés (that tortured cop, those bad guys) and Some good twists scattered throughout the story To make it entertaining enough (if you pardon the word “entertaining” when we talk about kidnappings and torture).

Wolf series HBO Max


Another negative note is the series’ bizarre sense of humor, which makes the series a rarity although it does not hinder progress; It’s just a questionable choice of tone. But if we overcome these obstacles, the miniseries has the pulse needed to keep us on our toes: a dose of information about past cases and perspective on the problems they will suffer in the future. Home invasion It invites us to hold down the “next episode” button. And with the promise of only going to last six episodes – and with a good ending – we can now spend an afternoon. Be warned, it’s not the series of the year, far from it, but it is captivating. When it’s over, we have the sweet satisfaction of checking that no one has kidnapped us in our home and that we can go on with our lives.

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