Schedule and how to watch the Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup Final 6

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The curtains have come down on the second day of competition in the third men’s volleyball Pan American Cup final There in the Canadian city of Edmonton, the sextet will depart from the Dominican Republic to fulfill their commitment in the new regional competition.

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As you read, after the 3-0 defeat to the United States, The Antilles return to the field next Wednesday to face the local team, Canada, in the final match of the card.

At this stage, it should be noted that the Creole team ended up attending the event with an alternative team. Well, the main team is preparing its equipment for the volleyball tournament for the upcoming Pan American Games in Santiago 2023.

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Canada vs. Dominican Republic in the 2023 Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup VI Finals

Without key players Henry Tapia, Hector Cruz and Wilfredo Hernandez, the current group is led by talented players such as Luis David Reynoso, Gerson Toribio, Moises Ortiz and Luther Rosario. He must take advantage of the scenario in order to get more competitive shooting and hone glaring deficiencies on the defensive end.

Yesterday against the United States The Creoles showed their face in the first group and lost 25-17. In the same way, they held strong in the third group until they lost 25-19, but that was not enough.

The Quiskies were outclassed in the entire class by a strong competitor, However, they have shown flashes of some level on the field.

For its part, Canada The event’s runner-up in the first two editions, started in style by defeating Puerto Rico by a score of 3-1.

The northerners displayed their entire arsenal, especially in service and repelling On September 20 of this year, they became favorites again against the Dominican Republic.

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Canada vs. Dominican Republic live: Schedule and how to watch the Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup Final 6

The confrontation between Canada and the Dominican Republic is scheduled to take place next September 20 at the Flair Airlines hangar in Edmonton. It is scheduled to start at 9:00 pm Santo Domingo time.

The meeting can be enjoyed via live broadcast Through the Canadian Volleyball Federation’s YouTube channel.

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