Germain Martitegui broke his silence after being robbed of a million dollars: what did he say about the accused?

This Wednesday is live Television news, German Martigui He broke the silence after the news broke that A former domestic worker was arrested on charges of stealing half a million dollars from her.

“This event happened about two months ago. I’ve been handling it differently up until today when it became public. ‘I’m very discreet and today this information was presented that some of me didn’t know,'” he began.

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When I learned of this, I filed a complaint. This person took care of my children four hours a day, every dayThe chef said regretfully: “And what happened was very close to my room and my children’s room, so imagine what it would be like to violate someone’s privacy.”

Germain Martitegui spoke about the robbery he suffered (Photo: Telefe)

He pointed to the detainee, annoyed by the situation: “I never doubted her. I never doubted anyone. Imagine that I won’t let anyone I doubt into my house. I never will“.

“This is a very expensive learning process about what one is putting at risk. I suppose many mothers and fathers can relate to those who have to leave their children in someone’s care because they go to work. It is very difficult to put that trust and You are depositing the most sacred things you have, which are your children“The cook added.

On the other hand, Martigui wanted to be careful in his words at all times: “What I want to make clear is that No one from my side is accusing this personIt is part of the police investigation. “I did not accuse her and she is still not guilty because no one told her, and there are seven people involved who were in my house in those five days that I traveled, and we have to be careful because there are names of people and families in the middle.” .

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Germán Martítegui and his two children (Photo: Pablo Tomaselli Press)

I never suspected it was stolen. I discovered the lack of money later, because you don’t open the safe at home all the time. There I found out and filed a complaint, and there I began to see who it could be. There was a construction site at my house and five workers came to work.. The jury added: “There were six or seven people near the safe.” Master Chef (phone).

Finally, he concluded: “There are surveillance cameras in my house, but the footage is deleted every 15 days. Unfortunately, when I realized the money wasn’t there, The cameras have already been deleted“.

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