Microsoft Teams is preparing changes to its interface to facilitate blended meetings after the pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has surprised a world that, despite its distinction of being the most technical of recent decades, was not 100% prepared for what awaited: the long quarantine season that forced companies around the world to Recreate your operations through virtualization.

In this environment, projects like Zoom, Google Meet y Microsoft TeamsIt is this last platform that has announced the most changes in recent days.

Microsoft’s virtual meeting app has already begun to think about what the continuation of hybrid work in the world will be, and that is, employees returning to offices and developing some of their jobs, Whether from home or from a remote environment.

For this reason, Teams has chosen to make it easy for the entire team to connect, regardless of whether one part is personal and another is away from physical facilities. For this, we are working on what is known as “first grade” (or “first grade” translated from English), whose main goal is to make mixed meetings more comfortable: try to forget about the distance and bring the members in the meeting closer to each other, at least roughly.

First of all, changes were announced in the location of the participants who act remotely in the conversation. Now these people will be placed at the bottom of the screen so that, symbolically, At eye level with the staff in the office.

Regarding the reorganization of the space, it was also mentioned that if the screen is not shared, an attempt will be made to make the most of the total screen space with a more strategic distribution of videos. This way, more remote participants can be successfully visible on all available screens.

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Similarly, there was talk of including relevant information for participants, such as Today’s agenda, commitments or tasks, and group notes.

06/15/2020 Microsoft Teams adds custom background effects to video calls MICROSOFT POLICY
06/15/2020 Microsoft Teams adds custom background effects to video calls MICROSOFT POLICY

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Teams focused on fostering hybrid work at the beginning and end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this new age of hybrid work, We will not only rely on the common physical locationSatya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft wrote on LinkedIn.

However, according to Nadella, “This does not mean that physical places and spaces are not important. They will just have to reinvent them.”

For this, in addition to the design changes that will arrive in the coming days in virtual meeting rooms, there has also been talk of Using smart cameras at eye level الكاميرا and to have “high-quality audio and video to ensure that everyone can be seen, heard and engaged as if they were there in person.”

The Microsoft manager also clarified that the option to record meetings will be included by default in Teams, so that this process does not become a problem Before, during and after it.

This way, all employees, whether physical or remote, will be able to reproduce all meetings at their appropriate time and place, making “hybrid boards” the best working reality after the pandemic.

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