Microsoft publishes a 1999 letter trying to buy Nintendo

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More than 20 years ago, when Microsoft was preparing to launch the original Xbox, some in the company were worried about it I did not have Enough games to accompany release. Then Someone had a great idea to try and buy a Nintendo. The problem has been resolved.

The only downside was that Nintendo, as we learned earlier this year, “se pLaughed aloud Kevin Bachos, former Microsoft director of third-party relations for Xbox, summed up the meeting:

Steve [Ballmer, antiguo CEO de Microsoft] We interviewed Nintendo to see if they’d consider acquiring it. They just laughed out loud. Imagine an hour of someone laughing at you. That’s how it went This meeting.

harsh. Anyway, that’s it Expired water In 2021 and beyond The search spirit behind, Microsoft used its 20th anniversary memorial site To post some tests Trying to buy, with a (partial) posting of a 1999 Letter from Vice President Rick Thomson Nintendo America.

It’s slightly censored Because of the huge text in the middle, but we can read enough around the edges to understand tone. “I understand Mr. Takeda’s concerns” is certainly an oversimplification given the reaction. From Nintendo, and Microsoft’s bid to help “make Dolphin even better [consola] of video games” Interesting, not as ridiculous as it seems since then original xbox and the It will have a GameCube (Dolphin was its codename) expertise very Different.

We can also see at the bottom the two people Microsoft will meet, Nintendo Chief, Hiroshi Yamauchi, LLC Equipment legend Gino Takeda. Not sure if these two were present when they laughed at them, but I want to believe that Yamauchi was smothering laughter in the corner like a real statesman.

if you want Staring to try to read the censored partsHere’s the image posted by Microsoft:

Image of the article titled Microsoft publishes a letter in 1999 trying to buy Nintendo

picture: Microsoft

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