Captain Kirk from Star Trek can take a trip to space aboard Jeff Bezos’ ship and break a historic record at age 90


September 24, 2021 21:32 GMT

The 15-minute mission, which will take place next month, will be filmed for a documentary.

Actor William Shatner, best known for playing James T. Kirk, the captain of the Enterprise in the Star Trek series and movies, will take a trip into space next month aboard Jeff’s Blue Origin. teleport bezos, mentioned On Friday this TMZ with reference to sources familiar with the matter.

The 90-year-old Canadian star is set to join New Shepard’s second crew, This makes him the longest-lived person ever launched into space. The mission, which will take 15 minutes, will be filmed for a documentary. At the same time, it is still not clear who will accompany him on this trip.

Bezos will likely fund Shatner’s trip, which would be a “smart move” from the Blue Origin founder. It should be remembered that the civilian seat for the first flight was sold for more than 20 million dollars.

The current record is kept by the American John Glenn, who died in 2016. In 1998, while still a senator, he flew on NASA’s STS-95 space shuttle mission, becoming, at age 77, the oldest person travel to space And the only one to fly on Mercury and Space Shuttle.

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