Radical candidates start moving their chips in the face of 2023: Abroad tours, meetings, national conferences


elections passed and Extremism is back in action in 2023 And to release one of the sports he loves the most: indoor sports.

while they prepare for Radical Conference on December 20th That history, in principle, seems to change because it is the memory of the 2001 uprisings that culminated in repression, killing, resignation and flight. Fernando de la Rua, another radical chief. The men and women who have emerged as candidates for the upcoming elections are beginning to move their cards.

And governor of Khogoy and candidate for the presidency of the party. Gerardo Morales is in Europe On a mixed trip from Prefecture’s position and candidacy. Where he was able to unite the two goals of the trip was in Spain, where he met This Tuesday with Cristina Narbona Ruiz, President of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party and First Vice President of the Senate.

As Gogoi’s environment explained during the meeting, “It was a clear coincidence by increasing the importance of” Strengthening the relations between the Radical Civil Union (UCR) and the PSOE, within the framework of international socialism”. In another section, the meeting touched on the need to strengthen the process of integrating the parliamentary blocs and deepening the historical relations between the two political forces.

In addition to setting an international agenda as a potential presidential candidate in 2023, Morales has also advanced in talks to be able to export hemp oil already produced in his province to the Old Continent.

But while Jujuy was in Spain, His counterpart from Corrientes, Governor Gerardo Valdes is doing the same on another parallel tour of the European Union. Valdes has already passed Austria, Romania and the Netherlands. Pursuit International business and patina They are also present on the tour of Corrientes who, like Gogoi, come from winning their election.

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The last to start playing off limits was the senator and leader of Radical Evolution, Martin Lustow. In the same way that Morales traveled to Spain, Lousteau also achieved a International Agenda But it is related to the region: Share as a guest speaker In a webinar with the ex-President of Uruguay, Giulio Maria Sanguinetti And with the foundation Picture of Fernando Henrique Cardoso Brazil.

For his part, President of UCRAlfredo Cornejo, He is Urgent Meetings In the face of the Radical Congress of 2023. As shown by the environment of the former governor and future national senator, meetings and meetings seek to persuade all internal lines to carry “unity lists.” Want a unit list for everything, commission, convention and blocks“.

Finally, the recently elected deputy Facundo Manes You are done organizing what project you are looking for Fight Pro Run 2023 And He will start touring the country With a distinctive look: more proactive and not too anti-Kirchner. And so, while they do Circulating a map showing that the country is not divided into “yellow” – PRRO – or “light blue” – on top of all -; Instead, there are eight provinces and several counties in the province of Buenos Aires that are painted in red -UCR-.

All this takes place before the renewal of the National Committee of the Radical Civil Union, as more and more candidates are being added. Thus, Morales and Valdes have just been elected delegates to the National Committee by Mendoza, Cornejo, Rudy Suarez and Pamela Versailles. Another wallet. Another candidate for UCR president explained, “An expert in the network of inmates that the Centennial Party usually repeats.

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