Mexico won its ticket to the FIFA Nations Cup after beating Canada in a series of heart attacks in a row

Mexico I got a reminder of a long suffering Nations Cup After hitting Canada On the Final Of the losers after previously falling into United State.

Once again it was the duo we saw playing Joksan Redona On Playstation 4 s Ariel Moreno On Xbox One. The tripartite He had a chance to get his first-hand ticket by beating the Stars and Stripes, but both Gokshan How Ariel They were defeated.

Now what remains to face it Canada In the final losers to get the last available ticket for Nations Cup, Which will be played in Denmark.

The situation got complicated when Gokshan They lost 1-0 and were forced Ariel To achieve victory over their statute. Player Games basics He knocked out the dynasty and defeated his opponent 2–0.

This forced Gokshan Return to the scene to play the game that will determine who wins the gaming franchise Globalism. Redona He reached the 90th minute of the match with a 1–0 lead, but he saw how he was tied in the last breaths of the match.

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Gokshan He did not hesitate and in overtime he easily beat his opponent with two goals to give him a place. tripartite The next day Nations Cup.

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