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Promoting the use of electric cars is a battle already proven for several years; However, it has gained a lot of steam in recent weeks with a series of proposals to move even to green public transportation and change the energy matrix following the domestic and global context that fuel prices are experiencing due to fluctuations in oil prices.

In this regard, energy expert Victorio Auxilia has issued a series of proposals that could contribute to a possible transition, as well as take advantage of the Itaipu tariff negotiations with Brazil, as they may be of interest to both.

“This may also be of interest to Brazil. In addition to the proposal to improve the electrical infrastructure in the two countries, US$600 million could be saved in 2022 and US$1.4 billion in 2023, totaling about US$2.0 billion. This, if maintained Itaipu service costs,” he detailed in his Twitter account.

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And the depth of the hypothetical case that it was decided to invest only 25% of the surplus in these two years in electric mobility “bilaterally”, and talks about 500 million US dollars, which could contribute to charging infrastructure and another to the purchase of electric buses.

According to an expert, $600 million could be saved in 2022 and $1.4 billion in 2023, adding up to about $2 billion, if Itaipu service costs are maintained. Image courtesy.

In this way, one can talk about a bi-national electric mobility scheme for the public with the implementation of Itaipu which could consider making agreements with transport companies in both countries at the same time. Oxelia explained that this could complement ideas already put forward to improve the electrical infrastructure in both countries, which, although already partially under implementation, could be affected by the lack of definition of tariffs.

Regarding the post of head of Ande, the electrical system can simultaneously support the load of 75,000 vehicles, and in the case of public transport at least 2,600 buses, the specialist in this sense stressed the need to work on an agreement with carriers.

A solution like this will benefit Paraguay’s public transportation and residents, as well as the fact that we will be using our clean, renewable energy for transportation. He stressed the transition to green public transportation.

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Likewise, the purchase of electric cars for Ande and Eletrobras could be included in the national bi-national electric mobility plan, which would be very easy to implement, he emphasized while repeating that proposals like this could be “of interest to Brazil”.

To further expand the possibilities, he noted that another program that can be included in the plan that will be financed with additional funds from Itaipu could be the national manufacturing of electric motorcycles for social purposes and subsidizing the delivery service or mini-transportation of goods, such as it already applies to traditional, he said.

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