Four sustainable hotels in Canada you must visit

Now that we are finally able to travel again, we can no longer travel like before. The pandemic has inevitably led us to re-evaluate not only our vacation experience, but also the importance of contributing to the care and preservation of the destinations we visit. So, with Holy Week Around the corner, we give you a few options Sustainable hotels in Canadaa destination that may be the starting point towards a life with better environmental practices.

Canada is known for its initiatives to deal with climate change and the hotel sector is not far behind. Many hotels are integrating green building and sustainability into their new properties. As a sample, these are the four we bring to you below, who have decided to commit to the planet and focus on preserving the ecosystem.

Sustainable hotels in Canada

Inn at Laurel Point

Located in Victoria, British Columbia, the Inn at Laurel Point is the first Canadian hotel to become carbon-neutral since 2009, and this year, it decided to raise the bar for sustainability.

In addition to partnering with One Tree Planted since April 2022 to support reforestation on Vancouver Island, the hotel has become the first hotel in North America to join The Climate Pledge in a commitment to comply with the Paris Agreement a decade ago.

As a signatory, you agree to the measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis; Implement decarbonization strategies in line with the Paris Agreement, including renewable energy, material reduction and other strategies to eliminate carbon emissions. It will also neutralize residual emissions through measurable, permanent and socially beneficial offsets, with the overall goal of achieving net zero annual carbon emissions by 2040.

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Wickaninnish Inn

Since its inception, the owners have been committed to sustainability which is why it is one of the best eco-hotels in the country, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in Tofino (British Columbia). While planning and building the hotel, consideration was given to preserving the ancestral forest and using trees that had to be cut down to make way for the hotel. In fact, red cedar and fir were used for the walls of the lobby, cafeteria, and library.

The hotel is part of various environmental care programs such as Green Key Canada, Oceanwise, and Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Business and Sustainable Tourism Global. In addition, she collaborates with Clean the World, a global organization that reuses soap and shampoo to help communities in need.

This hotel’s commitment to the environment is that it has a Green Committee, whose mission states, “Wickaninnish is dedicated to the journey towards sustainable tourism because it is the right thing to do. They are committed to upholding the highest environmental practices, while continuing to provide value to their guests, a safe workplace for their employees, And a lasting legacy to their family and community.”

Algonquin Eco Lodge

Located in Ontario’s Algonquin County Park, this cozy lodge is powered by 100% micro-hydroelectricity from a nearby waterfall. The lodge is secluded in the middle of a remote forest, where not even hydroelectric lines and telephone poles reach.

It is completely off the grid however, with the alternative energy being generated from the waterfall, it continues to provide all amenities to its guests. Its micro-hydro-electric production is so efficient that it occupies 17 rooms of its own, a wood-fired outdoor sauna, and a carbon-neutral hot tub. Example, a tour of sustainable hotels in Canada.

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Hotel du Vieux – Quebec

We close this shortlist of sustainable hotels in Canada with a recognized and award-winning leader in the environmental community. HVQ knows that travel can have a negative impact on the environment, so he makes sure that his guests’ stay is as environmentally friendly as possible.

One such initiative focuses on being Carbon Neutral. To offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, it works with Gold Standard credits through Planetair. On the other hand, they have two green roofs, on which they grow a variety of vegetables, flowers, herbs and other organic plants. His garden has contributed to keeping part of the hotel cool during the summer, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as collecting rainwater. Al Bustan allows them to serve organic and fresh produce to their employees and guests.

The HVQ also stands out as the only hotel in Canada to use Bullfrog Power’s renewable biogas in all its buildings, which can be produced from raw materials such as agricultural and municipal waste, compost, plant matter, sewage and green waste. . This substitution of gas from fossil fuels reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. And of course, the photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity to power the building’s top floor and the hotel’s outdoor flashlights are just one of the many reasons HVQ is on this list.


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